Wednesday, April 6, 2011

crickets and art


Things have been awfully quiet around here.

*cricket* cricket*

Nothing. Not a single post. And, why is that? You must be wandering. You must know.

The last few months of my life, well… almost a year and things have been changing. Not the kind of change that you notice right away, but something exasperatedly slow. Like the agonizing waiting in an Emergency Room, when you hold your breath every time you hear the nurse’s shoes, when you try to make out the hushed voices behind closed doors. And you wait. But nothing happens.

This agonizing wait, also known as “separation”, has taken more than a toll on this blog. Countless times I sat, opened a fresh post page, and waited. And waited. But the words never came. It was as if the flow of words that streamed form my fingertips had dried up. It was hard facing it, but it’s the honest to God truth, I’m dried up.

I still kept an eye out for things worth sharing. I looked, and I looked, and I looked again. Nothing. Nada. I gave up on the idea itself, on the blog, on you my dear reader. I sulked whenever I saw a lovely post made by some witty and inspired blogger. I resented my muse for abandoning me. I began to hate the concept of art itself. But how could I hate something that had brought me so much joy in the past? Hadn’t I declared that life itself was an art?

This last question worried me; maybe I don’t know what art is. I could look that up, dig deep into what art means. Maybe there’s more to it than colors and shapes. Maybe.

But what is art?


  1. I hope the muse visits you with the answers you need

  2. Once the creativity is in you, it never really goes away. Like anything else, sometimes it needs a little siesta. Don't force it, but instead wait patiently, busy yourself with other things, and try not to think too hard about its absence. When the inspiration comes back to you, it will come back full force and more beautiful than ever before.

  3. I have been in this place before. It's so frustrating. Where did that muse go? and most importantly why? We try to search and fix. I think it's better when you jut don't excuse yourself for not posting, or having a long "hiatus". Once you take your time and that muse comes to you again, you'll be able to post thousands of things. Like Sally Sue says, even better than before. :)

    (to answer your questions haha I had been so busy today I went back to each comment to reply back. lol I am designing blogs. I always had, but just until now I created a separate page for it and I am doing it weekly. hehe andddd OMG my mom is like that too. She has everything! I might make her a huge breakfast or something "homemade". Hopefully this time she'll love it)


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