Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Owl of Wisdom?

The other night I kept tossing around in bed. I had to accept it, I needed to make something or I would be doomed to toss and turn every night for weeks! I got out my materials and waited. And waited. Finally my mind was beaten and I started to think about the New Year's goals I had yet to write (I know its already February!). I wanted more wisdom in my wise, to make the better choices. They say wisdom comes with gray hairs, but I'm not that patient!
A little owl fluttered in my brain. They are supposed to be wise, Athena turned into an owl to visit people in need of direction. The little fuzzy owl fluttered and fluttered until I grabbed it.
Owl of Wisdom?
I caught it with some acrylics, watercolors and Sharpie pen in some craft paper. I'm thinking of mounting it on a wood plaque.

I also got some awesome mail today, a bag of home made cookies! Thank you so much Sally! They were great!
Sally's CookiesSofia's cookies

the Kaleidoscope Girls


  1. i love the owl is so cute <3 and thos cookies look yumm!!

  2. hermoso!! gracias!! que sigas tan creativa como siempre. me inspiras

  3. I really hope they were still good, I'll feel terrible if they're not! It took me forever to convince the U.S. post office that Puerto Rico is not international

  4. By the way, I love that owl! You are so artistic!

  5. Your owl is so cute! You're so talented!

  6. Oh, what a CUTE Owl! Can't believe you made it in the middle of the night - brave girl you!

  7. Hola,
    Es la primera vez que visito tu blog y me encanto tu arte! Volvere seguido para disfrutar de tu talento :)
    Tienes una nina preciosa! Tengo muy lindos recuerdos de las veces que he estado en tu bella isla.
    Saludos desde Mexico ~

  8. Thanks to everyone for the kind comments!
    @Miss Lou: Thanks and those cookies were delicious!
    @ASIRAY: Gracias tu poesia me inspira a mi!
    @Sally: They were amazing! I have heard a lot of people have trouble locating Puerto Rico -_-"
    @Felicity: thanks!
    @Martina: it seems that I get more inspired at night!
    @Needlewings: Thanks!
    @S: Gracias y espero que disfrutes los post viejos que hay varios que puede que te interesen. Ahora sigo tu blog!

  9. Wow! You're. Rash talented! I have a strange amusement for owls haha even the Previously Ownwed Tee has a strange owl creature in it. I really love your blog! Thanks for commenting over on mine. Yeah, we are on the black rut! But with all those amazing collections taking place, hopefully we' ll get more colorful soon haha


  10. I can't believe how big she's getting! It feels like it was just yesterday that she was a wee baby! She's so beautiful :)


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