Sunday, February 27, 2011

8 Things I love * 8 Cosas que me gustan

The other day I received a cutter little card in the mail. It had a list of 8 things that Miss Lou loves and wanted to share with me. It also had 3 little goodies for me to keep. I thought to myself:" What a grand idea, to share some love in the world through a little snail mail!"
I want to thank Miss Lou for her little mail joy and invite you to send me your address so I can send you a note card with a little list of 8 things I love, and a little something extra :)
This is my way of saying THANK YOU! to all those that pass around here and leave a little love, it means the world to me to know that there are people who take time to read what I so lovingly post here.
So please send me your address to my email:
Miss Lou's 8 things I Love

El otro dia recibi una adorable cartita en el correo. Contenia una lista de 8 cosas que Miss Lou le gustan y queria compartirlas conmigo. Tambien contenia 3 cositas lindas para mi! Pense :" Pero que gran idea, compartir las cosas que me gustan con el mundo atravez del antiguo correo!" Quiero agradecerle a Miss Lou por su carinito postal e invitarte a enviarme tu direccion postal para yo enviarte a ti mi propia listita de 8 cosas que me gustan, alguito adiccional :)
Esta seria mi forma de decirte GRACIAS! a todos aquellos que me regalan un poquito de su tiempo para pasar por aqui y dejarme un poquito de amor. Significan el mundo para mi, ya que escribo este blog con mucho amor.
Asi que por favor, no dudes en enviarme tu direccion a mi correo electronico:

Peace * Paz
Maria Isabel


  1. How very sweet! I love this idea of combining blogging with snail-mail. And such a cute card! Enjoy the rest of your sunday!


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