Monday, January 31, 2011

My corner

This month's photography challenge was to photograph our space, those special little corners that we see everyday, and to make them the focus of our lenses. Somehow it was hard for me, finding a place I could say "Hey, that's my corner". I dont have a desk anymore, or a craft table. So where was this place huh?
I roamed around the house for three morning until it hit me, the place I was looking for was where the magic happens. Where mixing flour and sugar result in something wonderful! It was there all along, so I snapped it. Only one shot. That was all that I needed:
Mi cocinita

There are some wonderful shots in this months challenge, if you got a minute go check them out. It was really fun to see those special places, corners, nooks, stairs, and rooms!
Do you have a special place? What makes it special?
Always with love,
Maria Isabel


  1. cute pic Ive always wanted one of those mixing machines :p

  2. My special place is our bathroom which I call my mom cave.

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