Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy Three Kigs Day!

The sun quietly creeps in the room. The sleeping babe wakes to find the grass she had placed in a box under her crib is now empty. Two shinny wrapped packages lay under the empty box. Could it be? Were they really here last night?
The Three Kings had come quietly deep in the black night. They watched the sleeping baby, and in honor of the babe who was born on the night of Christmas, they left you gifts too. Just as they did centuries ago.
You might have stirred, but your deep sleep was not disturbed. The camels ate the grass you left them, and with a grateful gesture they nuzzled your hair.
Could you have known all of this was happening right by you while you slept?
Most probably not, at least not this year.
But with the light from morning, your eyes fluttered open. And you saw the gifts, and the empty box, and you smiled in the way that you let me know you understood.
My heart leaped when I saw that smile, the magic of believing , of tradition surviving a skeptic world. And in an inexplicable way, I believed too.
looking for camel food food for the camels a sleeping tot The Three Kings just left! This one's mine! Tha is the look of a smug little princess

Happy Three Kings Day!
Maria Isabel


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  2. oops comente cn la cuenta erronea, decia k ke bonito es cndo uno tiene la ilusión

  3. Awww me encanto!


  4. Happy 3 kings day Maria - so sweet this post, and - nice to see you back!

  5. aw, that is so very sweet! I hope she had a magical 3 kings day!~


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