Saturday, January 29, 2011

Cakes & Cupcakes

Hello! Welcome to the kitchen, take a seat please!
Well you know things have been quiet around the blog, but the kitchen, now thats where things are interesting. Back in August I took a baking course on my free time, and now im in love with it! Im selling cakes and cupcakes to make some extra money, but I really do it for the love of it :D
Here are a few pictures that I hope will make your mouth water!

Bizcochos La Quinta
- My cake's FaceBook page

Interested in learning how to make something? Leave me a comment!
The Kaleidoscope Girls


  1. Maria, how sweet is that! Love the cupcake with the bow. You are such a great baker. Have a gorgeous weekend!

  2. I love the star cake! I would LOVE to start baking and making yummy things!


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