Sunday, January 9, 2011


Hello Friends!
Thanks for the kind comments on my latest post. I sure did miss blogging!
So now that we are all settled, the dust has been brushed off and the hinges have been oiled, we man start.
But what can you expect in 2011 in this blog?
Im keeping it simple just to be able to keep up with it with the limited time and resources I have (after all I am still a full time literature student and a full time mom!). I will organize posts by five simple categories:
Anything else will fall on the "random" wagon. Can you tell I am a neat freak by my schematic organization? No? Well that's a relief!
As you can see I also changed the name of the blog since it not only features my adventures, but young sweet Sofia's as well. You will be seeing more of this plump beauty in the Home/Heart section due to the fact that she hold my heart in her tiny hands. But for now let the babe sleep, and please tell me in all honesty, what do you like to read or look at more in this blog?
Was it the art?
The Crafts?
Something else I completely missed in my list?
Have a great day!
Maria Isabel
during a fake blizzard


  1. i wish i were more organized-maybe that should be my goal this year!
    happy new year~

  2. i love your pic you guys look so cute

  3. Glad to see you back, I missed ya! Sophia is a cutie pie! I like the art, crafts, food- I think you do a good mix. And anything else you do will be great too. : )

  4. Hi Maria welcome back my dear blogger friend :)

  5. Hi Maria, lovely to see you! I hope the kaleidoscope girls are fine and had a good start into 2011 - and will have a fab little weekend now! Keep blooging, i miss you ;)


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