Monday, January 31, 2011

My corner

This month's photography challenge was to photograph our space, those special little corners that we see everyday, and to make them the focus of our lenses. Somehow it was hard for me, finding a place I could say "Hey, that's my corner". I dont have a desk anymore, or a craft table. So where was this place huh?
I roamed around the house for three morning until it hit me, the place I was looking for was where the magic happens. Where mixing flour and sugar result in something wonderful! It was there all along, so I snapped it. Only one shot. That was all that I needed:
Mi cocinita

There are some wonderful shots in this months challenge, if you got a minute go check them out. It was really fun to see those special places, corners, nooks, stairs, and rooms!
Do you have a special place? What makes it special?
Always with love,
Maria Isabel

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Cakes & Cupcakes

Hello! Welcome to the kitchen, take a seat please!
Well you know things have been quiet around the blog, but the kitchen, now thats where things are interesting. Back in August I took a baking course on my free time, and now im in love with it! Im selling cakes and cupcakes to make some extra money, but I really do it for the love of it :D
Here are a few pictures that I hope will make your mouth water!

Bizcochos La Quinta
- My cake's FaceBook page

Interested in learning how to make something? Leave me a comment!
The Kaleidoscope Girls

Sunday, January 9, 2011


Hello Friends!
Thanks for the kind comments on my latest post. I sure did miss blogging!
So now that we are all settled, the dust has been brushed off and the hinges have been oiled, we man start.
But what can you expect in 2011 in this blog?
Im keeping it simple just to be able to keep up with it with the limited time and resources I have (after all I am still a full time literature student and a full time mom!). I will organize posts by five simple categories:
Anything else will fall on the "random" wagon. Can you tell I am a neat freak by my schematic organization? No? Well that's a relief!
As you can see I also changed the name of the blog since it not only features my adventures, but young sweet Sofia's as well. You will be seeing more of this plump beauty in the Home/Heart section due to the fact that she hold my heart in her tiny hands. But for now let the babe sleep, and please tell me in all honesty, what do you like to read or look at more in this blog?
Was it the art?
The Crafts?
Something else I completely missed in my list?
Have a great day!
Maria Isabel
during a fake blizzard

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy Three Kigs Day!

The sun quietly creeps in the room. The sleeping babe wakes to find the grass she had placed in a box under her crib is now empty. Two shinny wrapped packages lay under the empty box. Could it be? Were they really here last night?
The Three Kings had come quietly deep in the black night. They watched the sleeping baby, and in honor of the babe who was born on the night of Christmas, they left you gifts too. Just as they did centuries ago.
You might have stirred, but your deep sleep was not disturbed. The camels ate the grass you left them, and with a grateful gesture they nuzzled your hair.
Could you have known all of this was happening right by you while you slept?
Most probably not, at least not this year.
But with the light from morning, your eyes fluttered open. And you saw the gifts, and the empty box, and you smiled in the way that you let me know you understood.
My heart leaped when I saw that smile, the magic of believing , of tradition surviving a skeptic world. And in an inexplicable way, I believed too.
looking for camel food food for the camels a sleeping tot The Three Kings just left! This one's mine! Tha is the look of a smug little princess

Happy Three Kings Day!
Maria Isabel