Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Ohh I love zines so much! This last month my collection has grown so much, I had to share!
I joined a mini-zines swap and now I got tiny zines to enjoy!
I printed more copies of my Kaleidoscope Zine Vol. 1 and sent them off to their new owners in the most fabulous envelopes! The envies I used were form the Envie Adoption Programme :) You can get your own colorful FREE envelopes by signing up to the programe too
Envie Adoption Programe

Well im off to work on the Kaleidoscope Zine Vol.2 !
Maria Isabel


  1. I've been wanting to try to make a zine! I wanted to figure out how to do it on the computer and I just keep getting stuck. Love your blog too!
    kellylynn9 swapbot

  2. talk about cute envelopes Im jelous!! whats the zine about??

  3. I signed in for those envelopes too ^^ they haven't made it here yet :(
    I helped me a zine some time ago, it was very much fun ^^

  4. Thanks for filling them up with the lovely zine! Looking forward to read them~! Cheers, Vicky

  5. I hope to casually find one around the university like Vol. 1!!

  6. I love zines too!! How can I get my hands on some like thise that you've received? What site can I go to for the mini zines like you spoke of in your post above? Also, how can I get one of yours? I would LOVE to dabble in the Wonderful World of Zines, but I'd like to have some examples for inspriation's sake. Thanks girlfriend! Steph

  7. Hey Mel, well I trade Zines over at but I would love to send you some. Email me your address at

  8. Awesome!! I'll send you my address promptly!! I'm so excited! Is there a certain place at swapbot that I need to look for (where you swap)? I'm new to that site. Thx again! Steph (MixedMediaMelange{at}yahoo{dot}com


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