Monday, August 16, 2010

Colorful Mini- Bunting

Hey guys!
First off, I want to say “WELCOME!” to all the new Swap-Bot friends that found the blog! I have enjoyed swapping and making friends over at Swap-Bot, there are such interesting groups and trades!
Ok then, since we are in the subject of swaps, I joined a mini-garland swap that was a lot of fun. Some people call them garlands, but I prefer the term bunting (because it sounds funny when I pronounce it!). The swap required you make a small garland (or bunting) out of any material with the theme of your choice. As you can see from my most recent art- journal pages, I’m in love with the rainbow again. My mini-garland was Rainbow themed, it just feel so summery to me!
It was so easy to make, but if you are in doubt take a look at my little tutorial, made in Windows Paint J Here in Kaleidoscope Eyes, we are always one step ahead in technology ;)

Maria Isabel


  1. Maria, how sweet! You must make some for the next B-day of your little girl - she'll love it. Love to make one myself :)l

  2. That's so pretty, I love the colors you used. : )

  3. lovely colours ^^ Maybe I have to check out swap-bot too sometime ^^


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