Thursday, August 19, 2010

August Giveaway!

Hey ya’ll!
Can you tell I’m getting into paper crafts again? Was the scrapbook a hint?
Well I have a lot of paper materials. A lot. And Im moving, can you guess whats coming next in this sentence? Yep, its time to giveaway some paper craft materials!
Im giving away a Flat Rate envelope filled to the brim with all the paper materials I could stuff in, including but not limited to:
* scrapbook paper
*paper tags
* stamp pads
*paper trims

OK to enter here are the rules:
1- You must be a FOLLOWER, whether you have been a follower for a while or just became one, its all the same.
2- You have to answer at least ONE question of the 3 provided.
3- Leave your email so I can contact you to send you the prize.
4- You may answer all THREE if you wish, each awnser in a different entry to count them in the drawing.

The winner will be chosen by the Random Number generator.


* What is you favorite cookie?
* What is your favorite post blog? (link it here in your comment)
* Chocolate or vanilla?


  1. oooh, YAY! I'm already a follower :)

    As for the questions, it's vanilla over choclate for me everytime. Vanilla milkshakes are my FAVOURITE and I find that sometimes chocolate can be a bit overpowering, and can also go horribly wrong, so as a safe bet I'd go with vanilla :)


    discoria [at] hotmail [dot] co [dot] uk

  2. Fun!
    I love scrapbook supplies-tho' I don't always use them for scrapbooking...
    *Chocolate chip and chocolate :)

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  4. Paper crafts are so fun!!
    Woo giveaway!
    I alwas choose chocolate over vanilla, chocolate rocks!!!


  5. ooh,Im in!Im already a follower.

    1.chocolate cornflakes bites

  6. 3. can I choose chocolate aaand vanilla? :) If I have to choose then its chocolate!yumm...

    my e-mail:

  7. Cool! My favorite cookie is oatmeal chocolate chip :)

    emmanemhandmade at gmail dot com

  8. Chocolate of course!

    emmanemhandmade at gmail dot com

  9. ooh!
    My fav cookie is a
    Vanilla definitely!
    and my fav post so far is the one where you made the hanger for hair accessories
    and my email: riechanster[at]gmail[dot]com

  10. Oh my I love giveaways!

    I believe the best post is when you started scrap booking and made Sofia's layouts. All 6 of them are beautiful and she is so cute! The post is at

    I will have to choose choc over vanilla. :D

  11. yay for giveaways!
    My favourite cookie is ginger snaps. I love them with milk (:


  12. My fav blog post is the fairy shadowbox! ♥

  13. haha oops I forgot to finish my sentence, my fav cookies are American cookies (the ones with chocolate drops)


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