Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Wonderful Weekend

Good weekends have the ability to stretch their feel-good vibes into Monday, wonderful weekends make it until Tuesday. So here is Tuesday!
On Saturday I turned 21. After Sofia's birthday, I don't really find any reason to make a fuss about my own birthday. I think most moms are like that, except my own mother of course.
It was a good birthday, there was cake, ice cream and we finally watched Toy Story 3. It was all good.
By Sunday I had already eaten my own weight in cake, its my weekend of indulgence! We had to give my mom a ride to the port in Old San Juan so she could get on the cruise (lucky!). We spent the rest of the afternoon falling in love with San Juan again. I really love that city! I took so many pictures, I probably looked like a tourist! Here are some of my favorites.
An alley
En el parque de las palomas
Sofia & me at the pigeon park
A "garita"
Ventana en Viejo San Juan
The window of a house that sells limbers,water and sodas
Vista desde el Morro
View to the bay from el Morro.
There is so much beauty I had forgotten, I feel like im barely scraping the surface, there is so much more to see!
Maria Isabel


  1. great pics, it's like me in London, head down, get through the crowds, get where ya goin, but if ya stop and look up now & again, place is amazing

  2. Happy birthday Maria!! I love seeing your pictures, Puerto Rico sounds gorgeous.

  3. Oh Maria, you lucky girl! It all looks amazingly beautiful - i have this craving for the south and the sea, would love to spend a few days there and share a glass of sth. good with you! Thanks for sharing :)

  4. Bumpo- yeah that happens to me all the time, sometimes I pass a street and Im like " Wait that wasn't there before!" I love finding new things and re-discovering old ones!
    Felicity- Thank you so much!
    Martina- I would love to get some visitors!

  5. aw sj is such a magical place <3 nice weekend!

  6. what lovely photos!!! thanks for sharing :)

  7. Happy Birthday! I love your pictures - I went to San Juan about 10 years ago but would love to go back! Soon, I hope :)


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