Friday, July 9, 2010


Rainbow feet

I found a wonderful group in Flikr, its in Spanish, and its great! The point is to set two challenges monthly, like a photography scavenger hunt where you have to find the month's themes through your lens. This month its rainbows colors. Now I'm walking with my eyes wide open to find those colors. I have noticed that everything looks different now, I had been waling around without noticing things all this time. While I was picking yesterday's pic I noticed one of them had the rainbow colors in it! Its a picture of Sofia Isabel painting with her feet!

Check out the group, there are a lot of amazing photos there! La Vuelta al Mundo

Do you like rainbows?
Maria Isabel


  1. yo bn copiona o vi y me uní sta super cool!

  2. This is a fantastic picture. It communicates so much! And I love rainbows.

  3. Hay si quiero que todos los que sepan espanol se unan! anuncialo en tu blog Cindy!
    Felicity- I love rainbows and wearing them (even if people think im wearing it for another reason)

  4. thats a great idea, i love the different ways everyone found to fulfill the challenge

  5. yes, love rainbows...what a neat idea to challenge the way you see things too :)


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