Friday, July 30, 2010

Hello lads!
Well it seems like Im not free on vacation just yet, isn't that awful? You think you just started your summer break when you get the news that there is still one more essay to finish. But its all good, I kind of like writing so many essays on such stress and short notice. It makes me feel like a writer, or at least, what I think a writer feels! Kind of like Lois Lane, chasing after the latest news.
Thou I'm not Lois Lane, I can pretend to be a sassy young reporter :) Except I'm chasing for answers in my MLA Handbook and my Dictionary. Hardly the same, but hey!, don't burst my bubble!
So besides writing for a class, I sneak a few minutes every now and then to do some art journaling. Yes, it's been a while since I added more pages, and I got some doodling ideas for these new pages.
art journal
I like to think of them as "Rainbow pages". They have every color of the rainbow, but its not quite finished. Soon enough I hope!
best friends
Maria Isabel


  1. i like how colourful your backgrounds are!! Mine all seem to be the same colours.. I think i need to use different colours or change the paint i use!! I started to use Decoart Paint but its hard to find in the UK i like it a lot more than plain acrylics cuz it takes less mixing with water!! I really like your rainbow idea... and it is Gay pride tomorrow.. I could support the gays with my rainbow art journal lol my housemate would love that!

  2. heya hunny, Its Ichigoshortcake ^3^

    Cute blog! xx (honeybear1)

  3. I think of Puerto Rico as being a very colorful place, and your artwork shows it!

    Kathy (karuma) swap-bot "Blog Me, Baby" swap

  4. i've been watching art journaling videos on youtube lately and i absolutely love them. i don't have paints or stamps or any materials at all to begin art journaling. :( which makes me sad. T-T but well, good luck on yours ^_^

    ~mireillie from swapbot

  5. What beautiful colours. I never thought of changing the colour of my journal pages.
    teemnis from sb, blog me baby

  6. Hi there. I love your photo of the alley and the beach. And the art made with the little girl's feet is amazing! I am Oh Sew Addicted from swap bot and I visited because of the Blog Me Baby Swap. I posted a link of my blog to yours so maybe you can take a peek!? Have a great day! I enjoyed my visit
    carla louise
    swap bot ID - Oh Sew Addicted.

  7. Looks almost finished to me - coöours are so full of emotion. How was this day? Mine was green!

  8. I love those pages, it's a great idea for journal backgrounds!

    -Kimmiekarma from Swap-bot: Blog Me, Baby

  9. Your idea for a journal background is excellent, as it gives way for new experiences in contrast with moods, so it gives one the option of journalling in whichvever color! I love the title of your blog and the header! Brilliant, and in keeping with what you blog about. Love from Ana Goncalves, swapbot: blog me, baby.

  10. love the idea for your journal --- i really should get started on one for me again!

    babyshrimp via swapbot
    (Blog Me Baby Swap)

  11. I love the idea of an art journal but I'd have no idea where to start. Your rainbow pages are gorgeous. {billiemonster from swap-bot 'blog me baby' swap}

  12. Wonderful colours, really.

    This is BubbLeGumGirLie from swap-bot for the Blog Me, Baby swap. You really have a cool blog.

  13. Los colores se ven preciosos... ahora hay que ver el producto final ;-)

  14. I'm Agnetha from swap-bot. I'm now following you in 'Blog Me, Baby'.


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