Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hair accessory Hanger- a how-to

With a rapidly growing girl in the house you may find yourself finding little bows and hair clips everywhere. And I mean everywhere! The kitchen, the bathroom, under the bed. It gets to the point that when needed, you can't find that mint colored hair clip you need. So I decided to take action.
Hair Acccessory Hanger

So, you need a frame, without glass or anything. I took a frame that broke, glued it back together and painted it a lilac color.
HAH Step 1

Now cut two pieces of wire that are long enough to cross horizontally the frame. I used decorative wire. Glue those pieces of wire at the back of the frame, leaving some space between them.
HAH Step 2

Glue those pieces and add a loop on the top for hanging on the wall if the frame did not have one. Now you can hang you bows and things!
HAH Step 3

While I was making this project Sofia was a busy bee. She made her first paintings! I'm so proud of her. It was a snap, I just placed the canvas over an old shower curtain and opened the paint jars for her. A few minutes later she's trowing paint, brushing and stepping on it! Here's the end result:

Paintings by Sofia Isabel
You can see her little footprints on this one:
Painting#2 by Sofia Isabel
It was so fun and she was so happy while making it! Im looking for more ideas of fun things to do that are cheap (or free) and easy to clean up. We tried Play-Doh but it was a terrible mess that my walls will not recover from. Ideas?

Well I better get back to my other projects for the University,
Maria Isabel


  1. That lilac shade is really pretty and your tutorials are so clear and concise. : )

  2. What a great idea and tutorial Maria, your so clever! It's pretty and practical, just what a girl needs!

  3. Thanks girls! I really love that shade of lilac, it reminds me of my childhood room :) And I needed something to hold all those bows, I like to think of myself as an organization freak even if im not!

  4. Has your Sofia tried body painting herself?? My boss's son loves it! Washable paint will run right out with water!

  5. Thanks for the tutorial - I need to make one of these for my niece! Her hair is just growing in now and I'm sure she'll need it soon :) Love Sofia's pictures too - what a great idea! She is very talented, you can tell :)

  6. great bow holder! it looks adorable :)

    April (rainbowafterrain81)
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  7. This is a great idea. so wonderful. I love the little footprints painting so unique and creative.

    mslovender (swapbot)
    I`ll be including your link to my blog.

    have a nice day ahead.

  8. you are so creative... i'll be sure to come back and read more of your blog when i have a little more time. Can't wait... btw i'm from the swap for blogs or whatever.. Craftymomme08, so you can rate when you get around to it =) check out my blog too if u want

  9. Great tutorial - I guess that could work for jewellery too if the wire is rigid enough. The paintings are really good too - I like the use of colour (and footprints!).

    I'll be adding a link to your blog to my upcoming post on

    Carrie (aka kiwifruit83 on swapbot)


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