Monday, July 12, 2010

Bench Monday

I love browsing interesting groups on Flikr. I recently went Pro and I want to make every cent I paid count. One of the groups I love is the Bench Monday group. Basically you take a picture standing on a bench on a Monday. But the rules are that you can only upload on Monday and only one picture. There are a lot of pretty pictures there, some are good, other dont follow the rules, but its still fun to look at them.
I wanted to submit a photo, but as much as I tried I could not take a decent picture of myself. I tried a better idea, use Sofia as a model. Here's the result:
Dorothy's Bench

Im happy with this first submission and hopefully I get to see your won pictures.
So tell me, do you like a particular group on Flikr? I would love to see your favorites!

Maria Isabel


  1. This is so adorable and great colors! : )

  2. What a fun idea! I love the colors of your photo - the red shoes and turquoise socks on the brown - very nice!

  3. Aw, that is adorable - I love that shot. What a cool idea for a group too!

  4. what a great post! this pic is so cute!


  5. That is a very cool idea! I will have to check that out to see all the creative things that people have come up with. A simple theme, but infinite ways to express it! Love all your artwork on your blog btw, that tree sculpture is seriously amazing :). ~chocololic from swapbot


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