Friday, July 16, 2010

Awesome and free web finds

You know what I love about the internet? Its full of awesome things that are free! Here a short list of a few new things I have found that are super cool and completely free.

Eames House Industries FREE Catalogue

Eames House is giving away FREE catalogues, but its not an ordinary catalogue, its so pretty! Look at this Flikr gallery from Design Curiosities
Thanks to Design Curiosities for the heads up!

Envelope Adoption Programme
A super nice girl from Hong Kong, Vicky, is giving out free envelopes made from magazine pages. Just check out her blog and send her an email!

Creating music is so easy and fun!

Recipe Look

Fun ilustrated recipes, you can even submit your own!
Scribbler too
Scribbler too is a fun way to draw online, give it a try, its easy and free.

Do you have sites of free things you would like to share?
Maria Isabel


  1. if you want a surprisingly indepth and quality art programme go try GIMP

  2. Thanks for featuring my little silly programme on your blog! The envies are on their way!

  3. Hey Maria, what a cool post! Will go and check out your links, they all sound so interesting. Awww, i love the sunny side of the web!

  4. im following you!

    i love the internet too. www ftw.

    robotgranny SB

  5. Great finds! I'm happy that you have found Vicky's website, and her Envie adoption programme! I found Vicky over at swapbot, and we are friends. I signed up for her envie adoption programme, only if I sent her envies in return too and I did. Truly wonderful to give and receive on such a wonderful idea. Love from Ana Goncalves on swapbot: blog me baby. I'm also now following you too! You have such an inspirational and useful blog here.


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