Friday, July 30, 2010

Hello lads!
Well it seems like Im not free on vacation just yet, isn't that awful? You think you just started your summer break when you get the news that there is still one more essay to finish. But its all good, I kind of like writing so many essays on such stress and short notice. It makes me feel like a writer, or at least, what I think a writer feels! Kind of like Lois Lane, chasing after the latest news.
Thou I'm not Lois Lane, I can pretend to be a sassy young reporter :) Except I'm chasing for answers in my MLA Handbook and my Dictionary. Hardly the same, but hey!, don't burst my bubble!
So besides writing for a class, I sneak a few minutes every now and then to do some art journaling. Yes, it's been a while since I added more pages, and I got some doodling ideas for these new pages.
art journal
I like to think of them as "Rainbow pages". They have every color of the rainbow, but its not quite finished. Soon enough I hope!
best friends
Maria Isabel

Friday, July 23, 2010

poetry and paper

Hi! Did you miss me?
I know, I know, I have been MIA for a while, but its for a justifiable reason! I swear!
Remember a while ago I mentioned I was working on a project for a class that involved makeing a sculpture? No? Well refresh you memory Gramps!
sketch #2
So that was my sketch, my point of parting. A few thousand emails later to Deedra and I started working on my sculpture. I decided on papier-mache because it was cheap and lightweight.It was a bit of a pian to make, it broke many times before I got it right, but Im glad to say I finished it on time! And here is the "final" product:
"Inriri Cahuvial"
Here it was in the hall of the University, where people got to see it and give their input. It was a lovely experience and all the students from the course had to do it. It was amazing the variety of themes and mediums used, from film, to body-painting! I wish I could have taken more pictures, but alas, I had to stay with my poem. I named her "Inriri Cahuvial" like the poem she is interpreting:
Envuelta en un remolino de alas,
te vi primero.
Vi el resplandor de tus ojos
y vi tu pelo.
Cabellera de noche clara
con tabonucos vueltos luceros,
vueltos cometas;
y ojos en los que arden llanos y cerros
con quemazones alucinantes
de cucubanos revoloteando sobre un espejo.
Borrando todo sobre mi frente
pasó un recuerdo que ya no era solo recuerdo.
Llevando todo consigo, todo,
pasó una ráfaga que ya no era tan sólo viento.
Bajo tu pelo, bajo tu frente, bajo tus ojos,
que no eran ojos, ni era ya frente, ni aún era pelo,
sino ramaje, sino rocío que me miraba desde las hojas,
hacia esa forma que era tu tronco siendo tu cuerpo,
se fue volando lo que yo era,
lo que yo he sido:
con las dos alas,
y con las uñas,
y con el pico del carpintero.

Juan Antonio Corretjer
"Inriri Cahuvial" II

During the presentation a woman came up to me and asked me if I wanted to donate my work to the Department of Humanities (to which I belong as a student) and I said yes. Turns out she was the Dean of my department! I was so happy because my project would not survive another trip, our car was a bit too small for her. So now I can see her all the time when I go to the office :)

So what do you think? I got a few "in-progress" shots that I want to organize before I show them, interested?
Maria Isabel

Friday, July 16, 2010

Awesome and free web finds

You know what I love about the internet? Its full of awesome things that are free! Here a short list of a few new things I have found that are super cool and completely free.

Eames House Industries FREE Catalogue

Eames House is giving away FREE catalogues, but its not an ordinary catalogue, its so pretty! Look at this Flikr gallery from Design Curiosities
Thanks to Design Curiosities for the heads up!

Envelope Adoption Programme
A super nice girl from Hong Kong, Vicky, is giving out free envelopes made from magazine pages. Just check out her blog and send her an email!

Creating music is so easy and fun!

Recipe Look

Fun ilustrated recipes, you can even submit your own!
Scribbler too
Scribbler too is a fun way to draw online, give it a try, its easy and free.

Do you have sites of free things you would like to share?
Maria Isabel

Monday, July 12, 2010

Bench Monday

I love browsing interesting groups on Flikr. I recently went Pro and I want to make every cent I paid count. One of the groups I love is the Bench Monday group. Basically you take a picture standing on a bench on a Monday. But the rules are that you can only upload on Monday and only one picture. There are a lot of pretty pictures there, some are good, other dont follow the rules, but its still fun to look at them.
I wanted to submit a photo, but as much as I tried I could not take a decent picture of myself. I tried a better idea, use Sofia as a model. Here's the result:
Dorothy's Bench

Im happy with this first submission and hopefully I get to see your won pictures.
So tell me, do you like a particular group on Flikr? I would love to see your favorites!

Maria Isabel

Friday, July 9, 2010


Rainbow feet

I found a wonderful group in Flikr, its in Spanish, and its great! The point is to set two challenges monthly, like a photography scavenger hunt where you have to find the month's themes through your lens. This month its rainbows colors. Now I'm walking with my eyes wide open to find those colors. I have noticed that everything looks different now, I had been waling around without noticing things all this time. While I was picking yesterday's pic I noticed one of them had the rainbow colors in it! Its a picture of Sofia Isabel painting with her feet!

Check out the group, there are a lot of amazing photos there! La Vuelta al Mundo

Do you like rainbows?
Maria Isabel

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hair accessory Hanger- a how-to

With a rapidly growing girl in the house you may find yourself finding little bows and hair clips everywhere. And I mean everywhere! The kitchen, the bathroom, under the bed. It gets to the point that when needed, you can't find that mint colored hair clip you need. So I decided to take action.
Hair Acccessory Hanger

So, you need a frame, without glass or anything. I took a frame that broke, glued it back together and painted it a lilac color.
HAH Step 1

Now cut two pieces of wire that are long enough to cross horizontally the frame. I used decorative wire. Glue those pieces of wire at the back of the frame, leaving some space between them.
HAH Step 2

Glue those pieces and add a loop on the top for hanging on the wall if the frame did not have one. Now you can hang you bows and things!
HAH Step 3

While I was making this project Sofia was a busy bee. She made her first paintings! I'm so proud of her. It was a snap, I just placed the canvas over an old shower curtain and opened the paint jars for her. A few minutes later she's trowing paint, brushing and stepping on it! Here's the end result:

Paintings by Sofia Isabel
You can see her little footprints on this one:
Painting#2 by Sofia Isabel
It was so fun and she was so happy while making it! Im looking for more ideas of fun things to do that are cheap (or free) and easy to clean up. We tried Play-Doh but it was a terrible mess that my walls will not recover from. Ideas?

Well I better get back to my other projects for the University,
Maria Isabel

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Wonderful Weekend

Good weekends have the ability to stretch their feel-good vibes into Monday, wonderful weekends make it until Tuesday. So here is Tuesday!
On Saturday I turned 21. After Sofia's birthday, I don't really find any reason to make a fuss about my own birthday. I think most moms are like that, except my own mother of course.
It was a good birthday, there was cake, ice cream and we finally watched Toy Story 3. It was all good.
By Sunday I had already eaten my own weight in cake, its my weekend of indulgence! We had to give my mom a ride to the port in Old San Juan so she could get on the cruise (lucky!). We spent the rest of the afternoon falling in love with San Juan again. I really love that city! I took so many pictures, I probably looked like a tourist! Here are some of my favorites.
An alley
En el parque de las palomas
Sofia & me at the pigeon park
A "garita"
Ventana en Viejo San Juan
The window of a house that sells limbers,water and sodas
Vista desde el Morro
View to the bay from el Morro.
There is so much beauty I had forgotten, I feel like im barely scraping the surface, there is so much more to see!
Maria Isabel