Monday, June 21, 2010

The Queen

The Queen- by MariaIsabel

Last week I finally got a chance to see Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland, sure it was not what I expected, but I still enjoyed it. I was smitten with The Red Queen, she was so funny and well dressed. And who was I not to fall with that big, bulbous head. For one of the 5x7 Painting swaps from Swap-Bot I  was asked for a portrait. And this is what came to mind. The Queen. I'm thinking about making a larger version to hang over my bed. Maybe even get her a King of Spades to accompany her into eternal solitude through Underland.

I want to thank you for the uplifting comments on the last post, especially to Felicity and Bumpo. Thanks for the support!
Now I'm off to keep working on some projects for Sofia's birthday party which is this Sunday! SO much to do, so little time!
                                      Maria Isabel


  1. aaw cute ^^ I saw the movie too! luckily I knew it wasn't what I was going to expect :D

  2. most welcome and wicked painting :)

  3. Awe happy bday to Sofia I hope your doing great!!

  4. You're welcome and your stove-top pizza is one of the best new things i've learned this year!! : )
    Hope you have a great day!


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