Friday, June 25, 2010

Grandma's way is often the best way

I have been going mail crazy with Swap-Bot, its a great site for swapping. The packages I sent today were for the "Quick Matchbox Swap". It was very simple, just decorate a matchbox with a theme and fill it with tiny goodies. Lucky for me both of my partners have similar taste! So I went with a "Kawaii/Hello Kitty" theme. I filled it with bows, tiny clothespins, stickers, buttons and other kick-knacks.
Im so exited!
Quick Matchbox Swap violet
Quick Matchbox Swap

I didn't have any decent matchboxes around, so I did what my Granny would do, I made my own. First I tried using a template and some instructions I found online, but they proved to be overly complicated.
Then I remembered how Granny made things, she started by de-constructing. Yes, crazy as it sounds it was like that. Her favorite shirt got stained? She would take it apart and use the old one to make a new one! So simple ad effective!
So I took and old matchbox, opened it up and traced it over heavy scrap-booking paper.
The wisdom of age proved itself once again, Grandma's way is often (always) the best way!
Maria Isabel


  1. Those are so sweet Maria, I love how they coordinate. : )

  2. very cute! see you found the Design button too? :D Lovely new lay-out!
    Have you ever joined swaps on craftster? Do you think swap bot is more fun ?

  3. Thanks!!!

    Riechan- I have swapped on both sites, Craftster gets more personal with your partners and there's a great chance you will make friends with the person you are swapping with. Swap-Bot is well, more automatic, you just send, no need to communicate with anyone, and the person you send to is not the person you receive from. If you swap to build a collection or get something, I suggest Swap-Bot, but of you swap for fun then Craftster.

  4. i dont like hello kitty but those are cute anyway!

  5. Such a good idea! I've wondered how people make those matchbox crafts - you're right though, the old way usually works! I'll have to try to make some myself.

  6. OMG, these are so sweet! It's great to be all girly and playful and enjoy these little things!

  7. so cute!

    and yes i agree, grandma's way is always the best!

  8. These are really cute. I love all the color on your blog.
    sara0811 from swap-bot


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