Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mondays Inspiration: Paris, J' adore!

One of these days I will walk your majestic streets and gawk at your architectural beauty, one of these days dear Paris.
Maria Isabel


  1. I love Paris ^^ I have been there 3 times with school and I like it very much! ^^
    Lovely photographs!

  2. Hopefully one day you will... I've climb to the top but I was 9 years old so can hardly remember it.. wasted I know!

  3. Beautiful photos :) I would love to walk the streets of Paris, too! Sadly, all I've ever seen of Paris is the Charles De Gaulle Airport, lol, and even then we were RUNNING to catch our connecting flight down to Nice, France ;) (which we ended up missing and having to wait for a later flight hehe :))

  4. I've never been to Paris either! I'd love to get there someday; it looks so incredibly beautiful.

  5. paris is a cool place to visit plus parisians are nicer than the rest of the french ;)

  6. HE ido a francia 2 veces pero nunca he podido alcanzar a Paris <3


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