Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tute Tuesday: My Cassette Shirt version

Hello guys!
Well today's plan was to show off my version of the Cassette Shirt tutorial I found on Cut Out and Keep, but my camera is not getting along with my computer today. It does not seem to find a connection or something, its simply not uploading the pictures into my computer. Got any idea what's wrong?
So this week I stamped a shirt with a cassette tape (remember those?). I added details with a Sharpie. Well I don't have a picture of my own shirt, but have a link to the tutorial until I fix whatever is wrong with my camera or computer.
Cut Out and Keep Cassette Shirt
OK this picture belongs to Tata et moi from Cut Out and Keep

Well cross your fingers for me! I really want to show you guys all the great things I have been making and seeing!
Good night!
Maria Isabel

Mondays Inspiration: Paris, J' adore!

One of these days I will walk your majestic streets and gawk at your architectural beauty, one of these days dear Paris.
Maria Isabel

Giveaway Winner!

And congratulations to the winner LanniLuna! It was your blog entry that won, by the way! Thanks to everyone who participated and apologies for the delay. I will email LanniLuna for her mailing info and to know what she wants in her custom painting.

Expect another giveaway on the 15th of May!
Maria Isabel

Monday, May 3, 2010

Working Girl

I want to apologize for the lack of activity in this blog. I got a temporary job and its very physically demanding. I spent this last week trying to stay awake past 9pm so I could craft a little. Sadly as soon as I got home and the baby fell asleep, so did I. I don't like feeling like I spent my day without doing at least one thing I love, its really troubling for me. But as I said, its a temporary job. I keep showing myself pictures of my dream home to pass the hours without suffering. But more on that later. This post is basically to announce that I'm still here, alive and kicking and just gotten organized on how to handle a 40 hr jib, motherhood and blogging. Expect some posts regularly, even if they are pre-scheduled.
Now the next post will be announcing the giveaway winner and Monday's Inspiration.
Oh I also got great news! My Stove Top Pizza got Featured in Cut Out & Keep! Its my second featured project (the first on was my kanzashi flowers). I'm so proud and glad people like it!
recently featured 5-3-10
stove top pizza

Maria Isabel