Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sketch #1 and #2

Its Thursday, so you are probably expecting a finished work of art. Sadly I'm working overstuffed with work! But I did get some "art" done today.
For a Poetry class we are supposed to make physical interpretation of a poem of our choice. I chose a poem by Juan Antonio Corretjer who was born and raised in my hometown of Ciales. Sadly its in Spanish and I'm afraid if I translate it, it will loose its beauty.
My idea for this final project is to make a sculpture of the image I envisioned when I read the poem. Here are some sketches, I'm not sure which I will pick since it has to be lightweight and portable. I was thinking of making it out of paper-mache, to keep the costs down.
This project is still in the planning face, so if yo got any ideas on making it portable, lightweight and cheap to make, please leave it in a comment.
Sketch #1
sketch #1
Sketch #2
sketch #2

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Thank you!
Maria Isabel
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  1. powerful drawings! which poem did you choose?! Are you going to visit his house in Ciales? I would love to go! Uno de estos días...

  2. Thank you!
    El poema es "Inriri Cahuvial" del poemario "Yerba Bruja" Estoy bien emocionada ya que lo voy a hacer en 3D! :D ESperemos que me quede bien!

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  3. Interesting! Poems can be such a source of inspiration, they are like painted words somehow. Explore this further - and have a great day - hopefully more relaxed! Thanks for your kind comment ;)

  4. Luv it it looks really great whats the poem name?

  5. What a great sketch!!!

    I would definitely go with papier mache. Use a wire armature and if you don't have wire, building it out of newspaper taped together for a rudimentary form is just fine. Build and build until it's strong and once that first layer is done, then start with the detail and the features and such. She will look great!!

    Email me if you need any help. I've had my sculptures in galleries, so I know what I'm doing!!! XO

  6. Elusioons- The poem is "Inriri cahuvial" from the book Yerba Bruja.

    Deedra- Thank you so much for the advice! I have seen your papier mache artwork and you are amazing at it (like in everything else you do!) I was having trouble with the "base" since I thought about making it our of cardboard, but the cardboard I have it too thick to cut :( I wish I could make it out of wire, I have wire but no idea how to make it into an armature. I will got with the paper idea.

    Thank you so much!

  7. I think papier mache sounds like a great idea~
    What a neat idea to make what we envision in a poem :)

  8. Fantastic drawing, I wish I could draw like that.

  9. Bello! Soy amiga de Yarisa. Mi nombre es Norka.

  10. maria isabel! how beautiful! you are truly an incredible artist!

  11. Wow- those are some awesome sketches lady!!! I am really excited to see what you come up with. oooh- I almost can't wait lol


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