Monday, April 12, 2010

Monday's Inspiration: Books

Im glad to finally be able to post again! If feels like a long time has gone by, but its only because I have been very busy with many things. But lets leave that all aside for now and immerse ourselves in this week's inspiration: books.
Books are very important to me, I'm a Literature major in the University of Puerto Rico. I find comfort and entertainment in book. You can find anything in a book; love, dreams, hope, anything. Now let's look at pretty pictures!
I love the smell of old books, it smells like history.
A book can let your dreams soar into the place where anything is possible.
Sometimes I feel like Matilda, I can just vanish behind a book.

I will dream I own a gypsy caravan and roam the world collecting rare and magical books.

I love books. They are so reliable, you can always count on them to spill their knowledge.

They are just there waiting for you. "Come pick me up" they say. Go ahead. Do it. You won't regret it.
(necklace from The Black Spot Books on Etsy)

I promise you that the truth and beauty you find in them will accompany you through life.
All other images from ImgFave
I hope this pictures inspire your week, they have already inspired mine! Check out my book inspired artwork this Thursday and my special giveaway on Wednesday! :)
Maria Isabel


  1. no puedo imaginar la vida sin ellos!

  2. Great post Maria! Can't wait for your artwork on Thursday!


  3. marie isabel,

    i absolutely agree! i love books and i love all the images you chose.

  4. I'm a great book lover too - reading is one of my favourite things to relax and leave the world behind, And i also love to have books lying around and can't imagine a world without them!

  5. you can keep the e-readers and kindles, theres just something special about real books

  6. Ah, these are fantastic images! I love books too, I adore getting lost in them. I frankly dont understand people who dont like to read ;)these photos are all dreamy and amazing!

  7. ooh that necklace is very cool! Lovely images too ^^

  8. ooh! btw I asked to be your friend on facebook ^^ (I'm Valerie)

  9. luv books too <3, always loved the way matilda was such a reader, and i have something awesome to tell you!

  10. shitty messenger me botó anyway me fui a mimil hablamos bn laters!

  11. Your words fit in so well with the images which you have selected so carefully.

  12. I LOVE books!! I have so many the are in every room in my house. I too love the smell, and the feel and everything about books. Not to mention the knowledge and enjoyment I get from getting lost in another world! Great images too :)


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