Friday, April 2, 2010

Etsy review: a.e. wilder

Recently a.e. wilder's work came to my attention by a post Tara wrote. I was stunned by the beauty in the simplicity of wilder's work. I browsed through her Etsy shop and was smitten I had to have one of those tiny mementos. It is obvious that I have a thing with miniatures. I bought a Memento Wall Hanging were a.e. wilder put Sofia's birth date in ink over the linen. It is only 3 inches tall! How lovely are tiny things. I was really happy with the product in general. She deserves five starts as a seller and a crafter.
Here is a picture of my Memento in its temporary home, until I gather enough embroidery hoops to cover a wall.
Temporary home

If you want to learn more about the artist, Tara interviewed here in her blog.


  1. the last link doesn't work ;)

  2. Loving your wall art, looking so cool!

    Thank you for sharing your art and the other artist. Your right the art is simple and so very beautiful at the same time!

    Hope your having an awesome weekend!



  3. That's very cool! I love the look of embroidery hoops on the wall. I have a wall of pot holders, myself. A couple embroidery hoops would probably balance things out nicely. *going to visit artist's blog*

    APlusAmigurumi from swap-bot

  4. there is something inherently wonderful in small things. I find myself loving little buttons and colorful bits & pieces. I have to be careful or I'd be overrun by stuff! The little birthday ornament is lovely.
    I'm now happily following your wonderful blog!

    Jaemac from swapbot

  5. nice wall hanger. ;-)
    agnes from swap bot

  6. it looks so cute - i had no idea it was a miniature! even better!

    ps - your dryer sachets are on the way!


  7. i think i need to go and buy that embroidery hoop!! love it!

  8. oh wow, these are great :) I have lots of embroidery hoops with the intention of creating wonderful things!

  9. great etsy find, that's so cute! would be a lovely gift for a new baby or a wedding

    samuraijen - swap bot


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