Friday, April 16, 2010

Easy Body Sugar Scrub

This is the short and easy tutorial that was due Tuesday but due to technical problems, I was not able to post. And here it is.
I love a good bath after a hard day, there is something about a good scrub that makes me feel better, cleaner. I like to keep it chemical-free, so I use this recipe.

Body and Face Sugar Scrub
You need:
-Sugar, preferably brown sugar.
-oil of your choice, I used organic 100% virgin olive oil.
- a jar to keep your scrub in, with a lid, I used a baby food jar.

Fill the bottom of the jar with oil.
Fill the rest of the jar with sugar leaving enough room to mix.
Add something for scent, if you want: I added almond essential oil to mine.
Do not add anything that contains alcohol or chemicals.
Use it as a scrub with a bath pouf or a washcloth.

As soon as my machine is fixed will make a bath pouf from Disney's tutorial:
Disney's Bath Pouf Tutorial
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Maria Isabel

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  1. Very cool! My sister keeps telling me I have to do a brown sugar scrub, too. I'm going to have to try this! Thank you!

  2. Wow so cool! I just ran out of body scrub and was thinking I should make my own...I am definitely trying this!

  3. i am totally going to do these! thank so much for sharing maria isabel!

  4. I am making this for my sisters birthday! Thanks!

  5. Thanks Maria - your timing couldn't be better actually - I was noticing how dry my skin was last night and thinking "I really need a sugar scrub recipe" - now I need look no further!



  6. such a cheap way to make a scrub and you know exactly what it contains :)


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