Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday Inspiation:Cameras

This week I have been looking through Etsy and Ebay for cool retro cameras. My dad is a photographer so I have been surrounded by cameras all my life. They seemed magical to me when I was a kid, a wonderful magic that could capture our most important moments into paper. My dad got me my first camera when I went to summer camp, and let us see how he developed black and white film on our bathroom. So you can see there are memories rushing in when I look at these pictures. They make me think of my Dad, and I love him so.
All images found through ImgFave

Have an inspiring day!
Maria Isabel


  1. Nice photos - i like especially the second picture. Reminds me of my grandpa, who was a photographer too for National Geographics and PanAm. And now my older son is stepping in his footprints.

  2. <3 I luv old cams too, ive wanted a holga for sometime now :/ lets see when I finally buy it, also im waiting for polaroid to re-sell the polaroid films to go n use it like a maniac <3

  3. I'm loving the retro cameras! I have been thinking about buying an old Polaroid from ebay since the film is being made again, and I think you may have just sent me over the edge.

    **Just read the other comments. e-Lousions, the film is being sold again because of project impossible. Exciting!!

  4. i like those photos. There are great!
    ~ agnes/swap-bot

  5. Really inspiring pictures. Thanks for sharing.

    Fabi (BubbLeGumGirLie for Comments on Craft/Design Blogs)

  6. my uncle is the photographer in the family, I need a point and shoot or i"m bamboozled. Every spring he takes a picture of the first crocuses that come out in the park here. I love him for that.
    Jaemac from swapbot

  7. Camera's always look great. I once made a treasury on Etsy and it ended up on the front page, everything sold within minutes which was amazing.

  8. I love these images. I have studied photography for YEARS i mean since i was 16. i graduated from my degree last year and its such a disappointment the era of digital photography because *anyone* can take a great photo now. This is why ive moved on to crafts :) because theres no hope trying to get a career in photography. Film cameras are my favourite and i have a collection. Just need to get a shelf to display them!

  9. what great inspirational photos you post... thank you!
    collagecafe04 from swapbot

  10. OH I love cameras! I love the images you found of these vintage cameras!


  11. I love vintage cameras too! I might steal your monday inspiration feature for my own blog .. I'll give you credit though!

    samuraijen - swap bot

  12. I am crazy for vintage cameras! Great post! I love your pics!


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