Thursday, March 11, 2010

Kaleidoscope Zine Vol 1.

Kaleisocope Zine Vol 1- SIde A & Side B
Kaleidoscope Zine Vol 1 Page 1
Kaleidoscope Zine Vol 1 Page 2
Kaleidoscope Zine Vol 1 Page 3
Kaleidocope Zine Page 4
Kaleidoscope Zine Page 5

Hello! For this week’s “let your art guide you” segment I made some artsy zines. What is a zine? You might wonder. Well it’s a self published magazine that can be about any subject, any size, shape and content. It’s really fun to make since you are not restricted in any way. Here is a good link about zine making:

How to make a Zine
I feel a lot better about finishing this week's challenge. Its a little different that the usual art I make, but the zine is about art and I put a lot of tiem and thought into it. What do you think? Feel like making a zine of your own?
** Peace
Maria Isabel
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Hola! Para el reto de esta semana de “Let Your Art Guide You” hice unas zines. ¿Que es una zine? Te debes estar preguntando, pues es una revista que construyes y publicas tu mismo. Puede ser de cualquier largo, tamaño, tema y contenido. Son muy faciles de hacer ya que no hay niguna restriccion ni reglas para hacerlas. Aqui hay un buen site sobre como hacer Zines:
How to make a Zine
Me siento mucho mejor ahora que termine este reto, me habia perdido las semanas anteriores. Aunque esto no es el arte tradicional que usualmente muestro, me gusto mucho hacer esta revistita. ¿Que te parece? ¿Te dieron ganas de hacer tu propia revista? Espero que si.
** Paz y hasta pronto
Maria Isabel

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  1. Cool! I had no idea what a Zine was and I like it! Very cool and very creative. I may have to make one of those when I get a minute LOL

  2. This is so fabulous Maria!!!! I love it!

  3. Looks great-and sounds like fun to make :)
    Thanks for stopping by~

  4. I have something for you at my blog! Check it out!

  5. Thank you for the comments! I feel inspired now to work on Volume 2!

  6. I love zines - I haven't read any since my twenties (seems like the prehistoric age, but really only a couple years ago). Your zine looks fun and like there is some serious potential for you to keep making and maybe selling them!

    digital downloads on Etsy rock - zines are no exception.

    Art is Vital. Love is Vital. Shopping is Vital.

  7. Brutal... me encanto! A ver si me animo a hacer uno tambien ;-)

  8. The zine looks great. Would love to read it :-)

    SaraswatiChB for swapbot.

  9. love reading your blog lots of good stuff,love glendas sb

  10. Seems like a lot of fun to make!



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