Monday, March 8, 2010

Happy mail!


Im one of those people who dances arounfd the mailbox whenever I get an unexpected package. Today was one of those days. Despite the rain I danced my happy dance when I got this beautiful artwork made by Deedra. I entered her blog giveaway and was lucky enough to have won! She's an amazing artist and this picture really does not do it justice. If you got a minute, check out her amazing blog.
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  1. How lucky you were! The blogworld is amazing that way, adding so much fun to each day. Have a great day :)

  2. Oh yay!! So glad you got it and thanks for posting about it!! So nice of you!!

    And as for the shadow boxes...I still haven't bought them! I keep forgetting! I'm going to hopefully go for a walk today (if it doesn't rain! lol) and I'll go there to get them today. I've been Forgetful Jones and I'm SO SORRY!!!!

  3. Martina- Yes I am! Its the 1st time I win a blog giveaway so I'm thrilled!
    Deedra- Don't sweat it gal! I sent out your prize today. Thou I was not able to make blue kanzashi flowers (due to the fact that the fabric I had frayed and overall sucked!) But I sent some "consolation prizes. I can't wait until you get them!

  4. lol I LOVE consolation prizes!!!!

    Thanks for your patience ;)


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