Thursday, March 25, 2010

Artsy Thursday: "Fly with me" inchie set

"Fly with me" Inchie set

This is my first inchie set, it was inspired by the movie "Up" and "Up in the air". I had looked at inchies all the time on Craftster but always felt a bit intimidated to make my own. Inchies are very popular on Craftster, yet I don't see them a lot outside of that. Here is a good post about what inchies are and how to make some. Click here.
Este es mi primer set de inchies (pulgaditas??), fueron inspiradas por la pelicula "Up" y "Up in the air". Habia visto inchies en Craftster a cada rato, pero me sentia un poco intimidada como para hacer las mias. Inchies son muy populares en Craftster, pero raramente los veo fuera de ese site. Aqui hay un buen articulo de como hacer inchies . Pulsa AQUI.

My inchies were made on heavy watercolor paper. First I painted the clouds and added some cotton to the clouds to give them texture. It was just like elementary school again! Using q-tips to make clouds :) The kite, bows and bunting are all made of fabric. I sticked them on some stamped paper to take a better picture, bit I'm not really sure what to do with them. I was thinking of gluing them to a canvas, but that still just an idea.
Mis inchies fueron echos con papel de acuarela pesado. Primero pinte las nubes y les puse algodon para darle textura. Me senti como en escuela elemental. Usando Q-tips para hacer nubes. :) La chiringa, los lazos y la girnalda estan hechas de tela. Las pegue sobre un papel que habia pantado para poder tirarle la foto, pero en realidad no estoy segura de que hare con ellos. Estaba pensando en ponerlos en un canvas, pero es solo uan idea.

What inspired me to make inchies was that a great gal on Craftster, Linda, sent me an awesome book : Sew Special Fat Quarter Gifts. She sent it because im interested in quilt making and had a lot of questions. But this chick does not want me to pay her back! After a bit of stalking I found out she loves inchies, so I plan on sending her these if she likes them What do you think, you think she would like them?
Lo que me inspiro a hacer inchies fue una gran muchacha en Craftster, Linda, me envio un gran libro: Sew Special Fat Quarter Gifts. Me lo envio por que estoy interesada en hacer colchas y tenia muchas preguntas. Pero esta chica no quiere le le pague de vuelta! Despues de un poquito de acoso, encontre que le encantan los inchies, asi que planeo enviarle estos si le gustan. Que crees, le gustaran?

Maria Isabel

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  1. Your exploration into this fun and creative art, inchies, is wonderful! You bring your artist eye to everything you do and that is what I love to see!

    Of course, I love them!!! Be sure to sign them on the back so I can brag about you to all who see them!

  2. This looks like fun! I like the variety in these Inchies and it must be a great project to do with kids too. Even if they wouldn't come out as perfect as yours. They would make lovely cards too - this blue sky is so good mooded :)

  3. I love that!! I loved the movie "Up" and I love that it was your inspiration. Very well done!! You keep teaching me things I have never heard of before. Inchies...awesome!

  4. Never heard of 'inchies' before. What a cute name for an art project - just makes you want to get into it based on that alone.

    And yes - I think that the gal who sent you something would be so touched if you sent her your first attempt at an 'inchie' kinda makes me giggle just saying it.

    inchie inchie inchie...lmao!


    ps - laundry day + giveaway on the blog today

  5. This is absolutely fantastic, Maria!!!! I love everything about it! I haven't seen any on craftster before...I think maybe I've not been looking very hard! Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful....

    PS - thanks for my parcel today! Yay! And I picked up your shadow boxes and they'll be shipped out either tomorrow or Monday!


  6. I've never heard of inchies before, so thank you so much for sharing!!!

  7. Fun introduction to inchies...I really like how this set turned out! Nicely don!

  8. They look great~ I've heard of them before, but you're right, I don't get to see them much-
    Very nice:)

  9. totally luv it the bows are so cute, i luv the bg, i havent seen up :( but i luv how you got inspire by it, send it to the girl I think she would luv it

  10. That looks really cute. Amazing that it's a first attempt as well!

  11. todo lo que he visto en tu blog, hhoy, me ha inspirado muucho! desde las sombrillas blancas hasta las fotos de los zapatos. i love shoes!!
    abrazos alegres!

  12. Thanks everyone for the kind comments!
    Yarisa- tambien tengo una debilidad por los zapatos!

  13. great job! I've wanted to try inchies myself, since I've seen them on swapbot. Any tips for a newbie?

  14. Well Emma I'm a newbie myself, these were my first and so far the only ones! My approach to new techniques is to just jump into it!

  15. This is so beautiful. I am also a bit wary of trying inchies, they are just so small and I don't usually have enough patience for small pieces.

    Yoshi (libertunity from Swapbot)

  16. Wow, great composition, great colors. Couldn't tell it's a first.

    SaraswatiChB for Swapbot

  17. Really cute inchies. I like them :)!

    Fabi (BubbLeGumGirLie for Comments on Craft/Design Blogs)

  18. I think that's a wonderfully sweet thing to do, I'm sure she'll love them. I would. you seem like such a sweet woman and it shows in your writing style. I enjoyed so much visiting your blog and I hope you condinue for years. I'm happy to meet you and get to know you just a little. It was nice "swapping" with you!
    Jaemac from swapbot

  19. This is a super idea to make lots of inches to make an image all together. Once I stopped swapping I came across flickr photos of inches and thought it would be fun to make them, maybe one day I will try it :D

  20. I think this is my favorite thing I have seen on your blog so far. I love it, it's wonderful!

    j3ss1ca (SB)

  21. This inchie set is amazing! Ive never actually seen a display like this.. im going researching :)
    where do you find the time to be so crafty and be a wife and mother and work?! you must be superwoman!
    CDonovan - swapbot

  22. That is beautiful. I must fiqure out how you find so much time.

    ~LadyAmbrosia Swapbot

  23. your inchies are so sweet... love the theme... and one of my fave things to do with inchies is to turn them into fun office supplies (magnets, paperclips, thumbtacs ; )
    collagecafe04 swapbot


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