Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tutorial Tuesday: Fabric initial

Easy fabric initial

Hello! This week's tutorial is a very easy way of using up those fabrci scraps. Sadly, I dont have step by step pictures, which made me think about it twice before posting. But since its ridiculously easy I will give a description of how I made it. If im not clear in something, or everything, please ask so I can explain better and fix the tutorial. OK? Well here we go:
1- Use a wire hanger to make the letter. I found that using pliers made it more easy and detailed.
2- Wrap some batting strips all over the wire, using hot glue to secure it at the beguining and end of each strip.
3- Cover the letter with fabric strips according to the color scheme of your preference. Since the "S" I made stands for "Sofia", my baby, I kept it on the girly pastel color scheme. Use hot glue where necessary.
4- Add ribbon, buttons, flowers or anything you like on the letter.
5- Your done!

I really hope I was clear enough, if not just leave a comment with your questions and I will happily answer!
Maria Isabel
PS Since I am determined to post frequently, I went ahead and got myself an assistant to peck me whenever I forget to post, or think Im "too busy" to create something. Ladies and gents, I present to you: Pollolo the blog assistant!
Pollolo hard at work

Pollolo is now the Director of the Creative Department on the Kaleidoscope Blog, as you can see he is working on the blog layout look. And your eyes do not deceive you, he is GREEN, as we should all try to be :D

PSS I noticed I have 19 followers! I'm working on a BIG giveaway to celebrate, but I wont spill the beans just yet!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday Inspiation:Cameras

This week I have been looking through Etsy and Ebay for cool retro cameras. My dad is a photographer so I have been surrounded by cameras all my life. They seemed magical to me when I was a kid, a wonderful magic that could capture our most important moments into paper. My dad got me my first camera when I went to summer camp, and let us see how he developed black and white film on our bathroom. So you can see there are memories rushing in when I look at these pictures. They make me think of my Dad, and I love him so.
All images found through ImgFave

Have an inspiring day!
Maria Isabel

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Artsy Thursday: "Fly with me" inchie set

"Fly with me" Inchie set

This is my first inchie set, it was inspired by the movie "Up" and "Up in the air". I had looked at inchies all the time on Craftster but always felt a bit intimidated to make my own. Inchies are very popular on Craftster, yet I don't see them a lot outside of that. Here is a good post about what inchies are and how to make some. Click here.
Este es mi primer set de inchies (pulgaditas??), fueron inspiradas por la pelicula "Up" y "Up in the air". Habia visto inchies en Craftster a cada rato, pero me sentia un poco intimidada como para hacer las mias. Inchies son muy populares en Craftster, pero raramente los veo fuera de ese site. Aqui hay un buen articulo de como hacer inchies . Pulsa AQUI.

My inchies were made on heavy watercolor paper. First I painted the clouds and added some cotton to the clouds to give them texture. It was just like elementary school again! Using q-tips to make clouds :) The kite, bows and bunting are all made of fabric. I sticked them on some stamped paper to take a better picture, bit I'm not really sure what to do with them. I was thinking of gluing them to a canvas, but that still just an idea.
Mis inchies fueron echos con papel de acuarela pesado. Primero pinte las nubes y les puse algodon para darle textura. Me senti como en escuela elemental. Usando Q-tips para hacer nubes. :) La chiringa, los lazos y la girnalda estan hechas de tela. Las pegue sobre un papel que habia pantado para poder tirarle la foto, pero en realidad no estoy segura de que hare con ellos. Estaba pensando en ponerlos en un canvas, pero es solo uan idea.

What inspired me to make inchies was that a great gal on Craftster, Linda, sent me an awesome book : Sew Special Fat Quarter Gifts. She sent it because im interested in quilt making and had a lot of questions. But this chick does not want me to pay her back! After a bit of stalking I found out she loves inchies, so I plan on sending her these if she likes them What do you think, you think she would like them?
Lo que me inspiro a hacer inchies fue una gran muchacha en Craftster, Linda, me envio un gran libro: Sew Special Fat Quarter Gifts. Me lo envio por que estoy interesada en hacer colchas y tenia muchas preguntas. Pero esta chica no quiere le le pague de vuelta! Despues de un poquito de acoso, encontre que le encantan los inchies, asi que planeo enviarle estos si le gustan. Que crees, le gustaran?

Maria Isabel

PD Check out the other entries for the Let You Art Guide You Week 7!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tute Tuesday: How to put yourself on the map

Yes, I know what you are thinking: "What is she blogging about?". Well since I can't find my camera right now (and refuse to think it could have been stolen or is lost). Then I am forced to do a tutorial that is easy and you can do with just a computer and a pinch of internet.
Si, se lo que estas pensando:"De que esta hablando?". Bueno, ya que no encuentro mi camara ahora mismo (y me niego a pensar que se la rrobaron o esta perdida). Pues me veo obligada a hacer un tutorial que sea facil y se pueda hacer con la computadora un una pizca de internet.
When I say "putting yourself on the map", I'm talking about the Craft Map of course! But what is the Craft Map?
"The Craft Map was created to help people and crafts connect. Whether you are looking for a blog that matches by craft, category, or location, there is a blog out there for your particular interest."
Cuando digo "ponerte en el mapa" me refiero al Craft Map, por supuesto! Pero, que es el Craft Map?
How do you put you blog on the Craft Map? Its so easy, all you have to do is fill out the submission form with a little information about your blog. Submission Form. Its that easy!
Como pones tu blog en el Craft Map? Es muy facil, solo tienes que llenar esta forma con un poco de informacion sobre tu blog. Forma. Es asi de facil!

I already filled mine and hope to see your blog on the Craft Map!
Ya llene la mia y espero ver tu blog en el Craft Map!
Maria Isabel

Monday, March 22, 2010

Monday Inspiation: socks and shoes

Sorry I had not been able to post in a while. My laptop caught a nasty virus and I ended up having to buy another laptop.
Perdonen que no haya podido poner nada hace tiempo. Mi laptop cojio un virus y termine comprando otra laptop.
This weeks's inspiration for me comes from ImgFave, they are just some pretty pictures to bring you a smile.
La inspiracion de esta semana viene de ImgFave, son solo unas imagenes bonitas que espero que te hagan sonreir.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

TuteTuesday: Vinyl stickers from OnePearlButton

Robot vinyl stickers 6
I found this really cool tutorial over at OnePearlButton that showed how to make stickers from contact paper and permanent markers. Here is my version!
Encontre un tutorial muy bueno en el blog de OnePearlButton donde muestra como hacer stickers de vinil usando papel de contacto (el que se usa para forrar libretas) y marcadores permanentes.
1-First I made some drawings I wanted to turn into stickers. I chose robots for whatever reason.
Primero dibuje los diseños que queria convertir en sellitos. Escoji hacer robots.
Robots vinyl stickers 2
I cut a piece of contact paper big enough to fit my desired drawing. I placed the clear vinyl (or contact paper, whatever you like to call it) over my drawing and secured it with a little piece of tape. The tape is optional, but I strongly suggest it to prevent your vinyl from moving. Now trace your drawing with a permanent marker. I use Sharpies.
Corta un pedazo del papel contacto suficiente grande para que quepa tu dibujo. Puse el pedazo de papel contacto (o vinyl, como prefieras llamarlo) sobre mi dibujo y lo aguante en su lugar con un pedazo de tape. El tape es opcional pero sujiero que lo uses para que no se mueva mientras dibujas. Ahora calquea (o dibuja) en el vinil con un marcador permanente. Yo uso Sharpies.
Robot vinyl stickers 3

Now that my drawing is finished, I cut my drawing with scissors.
Ya que termine mi dibujo, lo corto con tijeras.
Robot vinyl stickers 4
Now that your done you can place them anywhere. They are removable, so if you want to try some designs you can always use these stickers. I placed this fellow on my baby's crib.
Ya terminaste! Ahora puedes poner tu sello donde quieras. Es removible, asi que puedes puedes usar este metodo para probar diseños. Puse este robot en la cuna de mi niña.

Little Sofia liked her new robot pal so much!
A Sofia le encanto su nuevo amigo el robot!

Happy creating!
♥ Maria Isabel
PS I'm playing with the design of this blog, so there might be some layout changes soon (more changes as you can see!)
PD Estoy jugando con el "look" de este blog, asi que talves veas algunos cambios (mas de los que se han hecho!)

PSS I will upload a PDF containing my robots if anyone is interested in making some robo-stickers.
PDD Subire un PDF con mis diseños si alguien los quiere para hacer sus propios robo-stickers.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Saturday, March 13, 2010

My First Award!

I'm squealing with delight! The lovely Deedra has given me this award, my first ever! As if this chick wasn't cool enough! Please stop by her blog if you are interested in seeing her amazing art.
Estoy brincando de la emocion! La adorable Deedra me ha dado este premio, es mi primero! Como si esta chica necesitara mas razones para ser cool. Si estas interesado en ver su asombrosa arte, pasa por su blog!
This is a fun little award, but its comes with some rules:
1. Thank the person who gave this to you.
2. Copy the logo and place it in your blog.
3. Link the person who nominated you.
4. Name 7 things about yourself that no one would really know.
5. Nominate seven 'Kreativ Bloggers'
6. Post links to the seven blogs you nominate
7. Leave a comment on each of the blogs letting them know you nominated them.
Este es un premio divertido pero trae 7 reglas:
1- Agradece a la persona que te dio el premio.
2-Copia el logo y ponlo en tu blog.
3- Agrega un enlace en tu blog hacia la persona que te dio este premio.
4- Di 7 (siete) cosas sobre ti que nadie mas sabe.
5- Nomina 7 (siete) "Kreativ Bloggers"
6- Agrega enlaces hacia los blogs de las personas que nominaste.
7- Deja un comentario en cada blog que nominste informandoles que les has otorgado este premio.

OK Here are my 7 Things:
OK Aqui estan mis 7 Cositas:
1- Motherhood has been the most beautiful experience of my life and I worry that there is nothing else to look for in life. That is why I ejoy to the limit every moment with my daughter.
1- La maternidad ha sido la experiencia mas hermosa de mi vida y aveces me preocupa que no haya nada nas que buscar en la vida. Por eso me difruto al maximo cada segundo con mi hija.

2- I love reading people's secrets, but don't like them when people tell them to me. The burden of carrying someone's secrets with me is too heavy.
2- Me gusta leer los secretos ajenos pero nome agrada cuando me los dicen a mi. Cargar con los secretos de alguien es demaciado para mi.
Post Secret
3- I find shelter in books. I find love in words. Sometimes what is written feels more real than what I physically feel. Like Simon and Garfunkel sing:"I have my books And my poetry to protect me".
3- Encuentro mi armonia en mis libros. Encuentro amor en las palabras. Y aveces lo que esta escrito se siente mas real que lo que siento fisicamente. Como canta dulcemente Simon and Garfunkel: "I have my books And my poetry to protect me".
4- My favorite movie is "Gone with the Wind".
4- Mi pelicula favorita es "Lo que el viento se llevó".
5- I hate it when people ask me what I like about my husband, maybe if they got to know him they would not ask such idiotic questions.
5- Odio cuando las personas me preguntan que me gusta de mi esposo, si tomaran la molestia de conocerlo no me preguntarian tal idiotez.
6- Whenever Im sad I eat chocolate or chocolate cake.
6- Cuando estoy deprimida como chocolate o bizcocho de chocolate.
7- I love reading poetry deep into the night, with a cup of coffee and some cookies. That is bliss for me.
7- Amo leer poesia en la madrugada con una taza de cafe y unas galletitas. Esto para mi es el cielo.
Well that's it! Time now to nominate the NEW Winners! Its hard picking just 7 but, alas I have no other choice.
Bueno eso era! Ahora es momento de nominar a los nuevos ganadores, aunque es dificil escoger solo siete, pero hay que hacerlo!

1-Yarisa Colon Torres- I love her poetry!
2-Val in the Rosegarden- Her blog is so cute and inspiring!
3-Tara - A great blog!
4-Jolene- Her art leaves me speechless!
5-e-lusions- a fellow puertorican!
6-Martina- great art and visual inspiration guaranteed!
7- Yanitza- The most beautiful cards I have ever seen in my life!

I really hope you guys receive this award and look forward to reading your 7 little things!
Espero que reciban este premio y quiero ver sus 7 cositas!
♥ Maria Isabel

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Kaleidoscope Zine Vol 1.

Kaleisocope Zine Vol 1- SIde A & Side B
Kaleidoscope Zine Vol 1 Page 1
Kaleidoscope Zine Vol 1 Page 2
Kaleidoscope Zine Vol 1 Page 3
Kaleidocope Zine Page 4
Kaleidoscope Zine Page 5

Hello! For this week’s “let your art guide you” segment I made some artsy zines. What is a zine? You might wonder. Well it’s a self published magazine that can be about any subject, any size, shape and content. It’s really fun to make since you are not restricted in any way. Here is a good link about zine making:

How to make a Zine
I feel a lot better about finishing this week's challenge. Its a little different that the usual art I make, but the zine is about art and I put a lot of tiem and thought into it. What do you think? Feel like making a zine of your own?
** Peace
Maria Isabel
Please take a look at what the other participants made: Let Your Art Guide You- Week 5

Hola! Para el reto de esta semana de “Let Your Art Guide You” hice unas zines. ¿Que es una zine? Te debes estar preguntando, pues es una revista que construyes y publicas tu mismo. Puede ser de cualquier largo, tamaño, tema y contenido. Son muy faciles de hacer ya que no hay niguna restriccion ni reglas para hacerlas. Aqui hay un buen site sobre como hacer Zines:
How to make a Zine
Me siento mucho mejor ahora que termine este reto, me habia perdido las semanas anteriores. Aunque esto no es el arte tradicional que usualmente muestro, me gusto mucho hacer esta revistita. ¿Que te parece? ¿Te dieron ganas de hacer tu propia revista? Espero que si.
** Paz y hasta pronto
Maria Isabel

No olvides ver lo que los otros participantes hicieron para el reto de esta semana: Let Your Art Guide You-Week 5

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

One of THOSE days

Have you ever had one of those days when everything gets messed up? The food burns, the fabric blotches, glasses break and babies get sick? You have? Well, I’m having one of those days. And feeling guilty about not finishing my tutorial does not help. But what can I say, if I keep trying to force it to happen I will waste all of my good fabric.
So this is it for today. No pictures, no tutorial, not much to look at really. But if you happen to have a remedy for a bad day, please share. I’m desperate and will try almost anything.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Happy mail!


Im one of those people who dances arounfd the mailbox whenever I get an unexpected package. Today was one of those days. Despite the rain I danced my happy dance when I got this beautiful artwork made by Deedra. I entered her blog giveaway and was lucky enough to have won! She's an amazing artist and this picture really does not do it justice. If you got a minute, check out her amazing blog.
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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tute Tuesday: Pin Cushion from Freckled Nest

pin cushion
Originally uploaded by herkaleidoscopeeye

Its Tutorial Tuesday and this week I made this cute and super easy pincushion for a swap started by Leigh-Ann. Cechk out her tutorial by clicking on this link.

Im exited to see what my partner this of my pincushion and see the one she sent me :)
Im also exited about the FREE Buisness and Blogging Workshop that m.writes is giving on her blog. She has a lot of experience in both blogging and buisness , so chek it out if your interested!
Blog and Business Workshop
Im working on another package today that hopefully will be done and posted by tomorrow.
Have a good day!
Maria Isabel