Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ive been bad.

Yes, very bad. It’s been two weeks since my last post. Why is it whenever I convince myself I can keep something as simple as a blog I disappoint myself? But I must not be so hard on myself either.
I’m a bit of a messy person, when it comes to my thoughts and ideas, I’m very messy. My room may be clean and tidy, but my head is another case. I’m one of those persons that need a lot of structure. Schedule, to do lists, goals and prizes.
My New Years resolutions are wandering around my head but have yet to flow into paper. But no more! To help myself keep this blog alive (one of my New Years resolutions!) I will devise a list of possible post, since my main problem is not knowing what to write about. Should it be personal? Do people even want to read that? Or do people only want to see things I’ve made, tutorials and round ups? Well I guess I will find out now, won’t I?
Inspirational Mondays- Yeah Mondays usually suck. But not anymore! Every Monday I will post something to inspire the rest of the week. It can be a movie, a photo collection, a picture, a book, anything really that pushes me into the week with a smile on my face! I would love to get some feedback on suggestions or see what inspires you!
How- to Tuesdays- I will post a tutorial of my latest craft or share a pattern. But if I will be working on someone else’s tutorial I will link it here.
Whatever Wednesday- Being the middle day of the week must be harsh, so I will post something pretty in honor of dear Wednesday! Could be anything, from something found on the interne, to something I spotted on the sidewalk that day!
Artsy Thursdays- Emily from Art-and-Sewl proposed that we share each Thursday our creations, and I’m going to join in on such fun!
Friday: Weekend Projects- Well on this blessed day I will post a round up of possible weekend projects. While I might not be able to make all of them (if any) it’s good to give out ideas.
Saturday and Sunday- I go to the country side to visit my parents most weekends, it’s a beautiful place, but alas! They don’t have internet. I like to think of it as my retreat from the world, so I may post if I get a chance, but no promises!

Well, hopefully this will solve the problem of no-posting. Now I’m off to write today’s post!


  1. Its good that you keep a list to guide yourself!

  2. Oh it is such a oood idea to have daily or weekly topics for your blog! I need to take that advice for my own... I tend to get a bit lost and next thing you know its been 3 weeks with no post! I confess to my own bad blogging behavior!


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