Tuesday, February 16, 2010

How-To: Flat bow hair accesory

I love girls with big bows :D They just look so darling!
I like wearing bows too, and maybe you do too! So here is an easy to follow how to.
Step 1
First iron your fabric, then cut a rectangle of fabric.
step 1

Step 2
Fold 1/2" of each long side of the rectangle. Iron in place.
step 2

Step 3
Fold ans iron by the middle, this is just for marking the middle.
step 3

Step 4
Unfold the rectangle by the middle again. Take the shortest side and fold it in the middle, slightly overlapping the middle line.
step 4

Step 5
Iron in place.
step 5

Step 6
Do the same on the other end.
step 6

Step 7
Sew a loose stitch across the middle.
step 7

Step 8
Gather the stitch until you get a bow.
step 8

Step 9
Cut a strip of fabric to cover the middle.
step 9

Step 10
Slip the headband between the bow and the thread. This is optional you could just glue it.
step 10

Step 11
Glue the middle of the bow (where its gathered) and glue it to the headband. I used hot glue but you can use any glue you like.
step 11

Step 12
Glue both ends to the headband, this will force it to keep the rounded shape.
step 12

Step 13
glue one end of the fabric strap to the back of the bow, wrap the bow and headband with the fabric strap.
step 13

Step 14
You could also do the bow without a headband attached, just skip the part where you stick it to the headband.
step 14


  1. thanks for the tutorial, this looks really cute.


  2. this is super cute! I have a few old scarves lying around that I've never done anything with, this would be a really good project for them, thanks for the inspiration!

    samuraijen - swap bot

  3. this is super cute! I have a few vintage scarves lying around I've not figured out what to do with, I think this project might be perfect, thanks!

    samuraijen - swap bot


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