Thursday, February 11, 2010

Artsy Thursday: Tania

Tania- cycle eyes
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Hello! Today I want to show you this painting I made. Her name is Tania and she had been riding around my mind for some time now. Shes painted over vintage printed paper that was glued to a 8" x 10" canvas board.
What do you think?

Edited to add:
I got asked some really good question over at Craftster's and I wanted to share them here along with my reply:
that's cool maria. what kind of paint did you use? whatcha gonna do with it? and one more question, why do you put a bicycle on her face? I get that the wheels and spokes go to lead into your idea of kaleidoscope eyes. Is that the only reason?
It's very neat though. Does it depict anyone you know, or just a painting?
Thank you! I used acrylics, the hair and shirt are a different textured paper (heavy corrugated watercolor paper)>
As to what I will do with it, I got no idea Tongue Probably give it away Cheesy I still have different girls roaming my mind and I have to let go of them on canvas
Why does she have a bicycle on her face? Well because those are her eyes, her lenses. But I must give a little back story: On December I was reading the book "Cronopios and Famas" by Julio Cortazar (the spanish vertion) and on that novel he write:" y que la novela sobre la mesa eche a andar otra vez la bicicleta de nuestros anteojos" In English it would be something like this " so that the novel lying on the table set in motion again the bicicle of our glasses"
And as for my blog name "Kaleidoscope eyes", does not have to do with Cortazar's words, It was simply my favorite line from my favorite childhood song. "Lucy in the sky with diamonds" by The Beatles. My dad is a huge fan and blasted their music on our house, somehow that son g was my favorite then. I wanted to be Lucy.
But now that you mention it I see a similarity between the bicycle eyes and the kaleidoscope eyes, they are both odd ways of looking at the world!
I really love how you made a connection!
And lastly, she does not depict anyone I know, but my next one will :D


  1. Oh my gosh I LOVE it!!! What an awesome painting and I just love the creativity of it!! Well done and thank you so much for joining me. Did it feel good to push yourself to do it? xoxo Emily @ Art-n-Sewl

  2. tus trabajos son tan refrescantes. me encantan. sueles exponer o vender en la isla?

  3. @Emily: Thank you! It did feel good to finish something for a change! Im the kind of person that needs a little nudge to get started, but once I start I cant sleep until im done! Im planing the next painting right now :D

    @Yarisa: Gracias! Nunca he expuesto ni vendido por que no tengo educacion formal en el arte, solo probando y leyendo :) Aunque ultimamente estoy pensando en vender ya que tengo un grupito de pinturas rondadome en la cabeza

  4. I love it, Maria!!! I love her depth. She's wonderful!!!

  5. probar y leer es el mejor estudio formal que puedas explorar! Adelante y éxito. Tu arte evoca mucho y eso es lo más importante!


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