Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Monday Inspiration: Etsy

Thou I have not been crafting much, I get to indulge in a little Etsy "window shopping" during my study breaks. Lately Ive been infatuated by bicycles of all kinds and a lot of Etsy sellers seem to be too! Without further ado, here are my favorite Etsy items of the week:

Steampunk Bike Machine by darkcycleclothing

Bike Love handmade necklace by luckyduct

"Keep calm and ride on" by KeepCalmShop

Card Wallet Scooters and Bikes by Besu

Bird Bunny and Bicycle vinyl sticker by joinedbythestitch

Clock made from a recycled Bike wheel by pixelthis

I Heart Bike 1inch Button by PrettyPixels

I'm working on an easy tutorial for tomorrow :) SO please check back soon!
Have a happy day,
Maria Isabel

Thursday, February 18, 2010

"Let's build a nest"

"Let's build a nest"
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This week I did not have much time for anything besides reading and studying. But I managed to find a few hours to make this tiny watercolor. Its 4" x 4" on heavy watercolor paper.
I was thinking of putting it on a shadow box that has been roaming on my head lately, but that is just an idea. What do you think I should do with it?

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Whatever Wednesday: Rio Piedras

There is something about this town that just breathes inspiration into my day. The colorfull buildings, the fusion of cultures, the many bookstores make it my favorite place. Some may find the ammount of graffitti to be too dirty, but smarter people have channeled that strong art into a more aesteticaly pleasing exterior design. Just take a look at how beautiful thse buildings look.
"Rio" Restaurant











Tuesday, February 16, 2010

How-To: Flat bow hair accesory

I love girls with big bows :D They just look so darling!
I like wearing bows too, and maybe you do too! So here is an easy to follow how to.
Step 1
First iron your fabric, then cut a rectangle of fabric.
step 1

Step 2
Fold 1/2" of each long side of the rectangle. Iron in place.
step 2

Step 3
Fold ans iron by the middle, this is just for marking the middle.
step 3

Step 4
Unfold the rectangle by the middle again. Take the shortest side and fold it in the middle, slightly overlapping the middle line.
step 4

Step 5
Iron in place.
step 5

Step 6
Do the same on the other end.
step 6

Step 7
Sew a loose stitch across the middle.
step 7

Step 8
Gather the stitch until you get a bow.
step 8

Step 9
Cut a strip of fabric to cover the middle.
step 9

Step 10
Slip the headband between the bow and the thread. This is optional you could just glue it.
step 10

Step 11
Glue the middle of the bow (where its gathered) and glue it to the headband. I used hot glue but you can use any glue you like.
step 11

Step 12
Glue both ends to the headband, this will force it to keep the rounded shape.
step 12

Step 13
glue one end of the fabric strap to the back of the bow, wrap the bow and headband with the fabric strap.
step 13

Step 14
You could also do the bow without a headband attached, just skip the part where you stick it to the headband.
step 14

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Mia- jewelry hanger

Hello! I just finished putting up one little project, a jewlery hanger.After I finished paiting Mia I was struck as to where to hange her. So I added some hooks and she's now a very useful girl!
Mia- jewelry holder full front
I made the sides kind of fun with yellow and red :)
Mia- jewelry holder side
Well Im off to do some cleaning and laundry, but its good fun when your listening to good music through pandora

Mia- jewelry hanger

Friday, February 12, 2010

Weekend Project : LoVe

With Valentine's Day quickly approaching , hearts keep popping everywhere. And while its important to show the one you love how much you care for them EVERY DAY, this Sunday will be a good occasion to wear some pink and eat some chocolates! I loved these two heart themed projects which can also be made any day!
The Purl Bee has a great tutorial on how to make heart shaped zipper pouches, check it out on her blog

And Julie K has a great crocheted heart pattern for free on her blog! I would love to learn to crochet just to make these cuties! See the tutorial here: Julie K
Well have a good weekend and a Happy Valentine's Day!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Artsy Thursday: Tania

Tania- cycle eyes
Originally uploaded by herkaleidoscopeeye

Hello! Today I want to show you this painting I made. Her name is Tania and she had been riding around my mind for some time now. Shes painted over vintage printed paper that was glued to a 8" x 10" canvas board.
What do you think?

Edited to add:
I got asked some really good question over at Craftster's and I wanted to share them here along with my reply:
that's cool maria. what kind of paint did you use? whatcha gonna do with it? and one more question, why do you put a bicycle on her face? I get that the wheels and spokes go to lead into your idea of kaleidoscope eyes. Is that the only reason?
It's very neat though. Does it depict anyone you know, or just a painting?
Thank you! I used acrylics, the hair and shirt are a different textured paper (heavy corrugated watercolor paper)>
As to what I will do with it, I got no idea Tongue Probably give it away Cheesy I still have different girls roaming my mind and I have to let go of them on canvas
Why does she have a bicycle on her face? Well because those are her eyes, her lenses. But I must give a little back story: On December I was reading the book "Cronopios and Famas" by Julio Cortazar (the spanish vertion) and on that novel he write:" y que la novela sobre la mesa eche a andar otra vez la bicicleta de nuestros anteojos" In English it would be something like this " so that the novel lying on the table set in motion again the bicicle of our glasses"
And as for my blog name "Kaleidoscope eyes", does not have to do with Cortazar's words, It was simply my favorite line from my favorite childhood song. "Lucy in the sky with diamonds" by The Beatles. My dad is a huge fan and blasted their music on our house, somehow that son g was my favorite then. I wanted to be Lucy.
But now that you mention it I see a similarity between the bicycle eyes and the kaleidoscope eyes, they are both odd ways of looking at the world!
I really love how you made a connection!
And lastly, she does not depict anyone I know, but my next one will :D

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Whatever Wednesday: imgfave

Yes, I love
So inspiring! Today I focused on what I like to call "sprinkles". Yeah, you read right, sprinkles.

Sprinkles is the term I like to use when something simple gives beauty to everyday life.

Blowing bubbles...

Catching fallen hearts

Eating sweet candy

Tiny details that make life wonderful.

Ive been bad.

Yes, very bad. It’s been two weeks since my last post. Why is it whenever I convince myself I can keep something as simple as a blog I disappoint myself? But I must not be so hard on myself either.
I’m a bit of a messy person, when it comes to my thoughts and ideas, I’m very messy. My room may be clean and tidy, but my head is another case. I’m one of those persons that need a lot of structure. Schedule, to do lists, goals and prizes.
My New Years resolutions are wandering around my head but have yet to flow into paper. But no more! To help myself keep this blog alive (one of my New Years resolutions!) I will devise a list of possible post, since my main problem is not knowing what to write about. Should it be personal? Do people even want to read that? Or do people only want to see things I’ve made, tutorials and round ups? Well I guess I will find out now, won’t I?
Inspirational Mondays- Yeah Mondays usually suck. But not anymore! Every Monday I will post something to inspire the rest of the week. It can be a movie, a photo collection, a picture, a book, anything really that pushes me into the week with a smile on my face! I would love to get some feedback on suggestions or see what inspires you!
How- to Tuesdays- I will post a tutorial of my latest craft or share a pattern. But if I will be working on someone else’s tutorial I will link it here.
Whatever Wednesday- Being the middle day of the week must be harsh, so I will post something pretty in honor of dear Wednesday! Could be anything, from something found on the interne, to something I spotted on the sidewalk that day!
Artsy Thursdays- Emily from Art-and-Sewl proposed that we share each Thursday our creations, and I’m going to join in on such fun!
Friday: Weekend Projects- Well on this blessed day I will post a round up of possible weekend projects. While I might not be able to make all of them (if any) it’s good to give out ideas.
Saturday and Sunday- I go to the country side to visit my parents most weekends, it’s a beautiful place, but alas! They don’t have internet. I like to think of it as my retreat from the world, so I may post if I get a chance, but no promises!

Well, hopefully this will solve the problem of no-posting. Now I’m off to write today’s post!