Sunday, January 17, 2010

Monday's Inspiration & Giveaway announcement!

Hello there and happy Monday!
I know, I know, Mondays are hardly anyone's favorite day. But there is no better cure for the Monday Blue's than a little eye candy. Yesterday I saw a beautiful movie called (500) Days of Summer It was so good! I laughed and I was awed by Summer's wardrobe and the interior decoration of Tom's and Summer's apartments. If you get a chance you should see this movie. Now on to the pictures!
I simply love this outfit, the simple blue blouse and the jean long skirt, perfect for work!

So many pretty images!
1-18-2010 12-45-18 AM
1-18-2010 12-45-48 AM
1-18-2010 12-44-29 AM
1-18-2010 1-11-48 AM
1-18-2010 1-08-42 AM
1-18-2010 1-06-30 AM
1-18-2010 12-49-20 AM
1-18-2010 12-34-21 AM
1-18-2010 12-31-35 AM
This is the wall behind Tom's bed, its a chalkboard!
1-18-2010 1-08-04 AM
Summer's place, look at that wallpaper!
1-18-2010 12-54-17 AM
Did you notice those framed voodoo dolls? How cool are those!
1-18-2010 12-55-46 AM
Look at that origami paper crane tree! Im soo making myself one of those!
1-18-2010 12-57-15 AM
1-18-2010 12-58-50 AM
Those framed antique keys are so adorable!
1-18-2010 12-58-08 AM
Well that is enough obsessing over a movie. I hope this little post brightened up more your Monday! If that didnt work maybe this will:
kanzashi giveaway!
I will be giving away two of these headbands to two (2) lucky winers! Completely free! Quick and easy! All you have to do is post your answer to the question below, remember to put your email address so I can contact you if you are a winner! Winners will be selected with the random number generator, you will be assigned your post number. You may post as many times as you like, as you may have more than one answer,but no bumps please!
This giveaway will be open From Monday 17th of January until Thursday the 21st. On Friday 22nd the winners will be announced and the prizes sent out via USPS as soon as I receive the winner's addresses.
Ok here is the question:
What movie has inspired you and why?


  1. The movie "Up" was very inspiring. Fulfilling his dream no matter his age, loving his wife even after her death, thats inspiring!

  2. Crafts-wise I get inspired by any movie that takes place in the 1940s. I always end up searching out vintage-style patterns after seeing the clothes in them.

  3. she does have a great wardrobe, but she could make a paper bag look good!!!! lol!
    Anyway, I will try and see the movie really soon :) Cute entry!

    love, marie

  4. hokey but twilight and vampire movies- mixture of dark and romance. and on the flip side across the universe - colors and rediscovering the beatles in a new light. just gets the brains moving for other things :)

  5. Hello Maria!

    The movie that has inspired me was P.S. I Love You. It portrays Holly's stages of grief, and tells me that no matter what happens in your life, you can always come through it, and learn from it, all you need is a push. How she sees her inspiration to design shoes from Gerry's belt buckle, proves that you can make something beautiful out of the simplest of things, and that sentiment can sometimes be your biggest strength. Gerry was brilliant and kind hearted enough to see past his own death, and comfort her after his illness, and that makes him, in my eyes, the most inspiring character in the movie. No longer "alive", but with a strong enough sense of love and purpose to be the figure through till the end, even pushing her into the arms of another man. It's a true act of "I love you so much that I'm letting you go."

    >> Whoops. Didn't mean to be so long winded. I absolutely love that movie. Can't tell you how many times I've seen it. ><

    Thank you for your time! (And brain cells!) :3

  6. I LOVE Zoe DesChannel (sp?) and I think she's just adorable. I'm also looking forward to this movie!

    Hmmm...the movie that has inspired me lately...I'll think about that and get back to you later today!

  7. Inspirational movie, hands down for me was The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990 version). It taught me everything I believe in today, believe in your family and friends, and learn to trust them, don't judge by appearance, know your weapons well when fighting, and that pizza with anchovies is actually quite tasty.

    Turtle Power!!

  8. You're right that was a beautiful movie!
    The most inspirational movie I have ever seen is Elizabeth. I love to sew, and they have magnificant costumes, if I could ever sew costumes that well I would wear them everyday. Also, she was a powerful woman.

    Zoe Starr
    douces at

  9. Hmmm...Into the Wild. Definitely into the Wild. I loved the main character SO MUCH!!! He wasn't afraid to step out of the mainstream and go off on his own. He was a true individual and a free thinker. I think the world needs more free thinkers. People who aren't afraid to do their own thing without worrying about what others will think. Although it ended up being his demise, I still think the character was truly inspiring. Dying being true to you is definitely better than living a life that isn't truly yours, in my opinion!!


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