Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Freash starts!

kanza flower
I love January, everything feels new and full of promise. I love starting a new notebook, eager to imagine what I will fill it up to.
new page
But first things first! The notebook must be worthy, the cover alone has to inspire.
href="" title="moleskine front by herkaleidoscopeeye, on Flickr">moleskine front
But don't stop there! The back cover must also draw the admirer's attention.
moleskine back
And that's how I get started for the new adventures that lay ahead. Full of love and wonder. Of hugs and laughs.
furry friends
Have a good day!
♥ Maria Isabel


  1. Hi Maria!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your kind words!!

    I just started a fitness journal yesterday! I'm very eager to fill it up with inspiration and the progress I'm making! Yours is way prettier, though...mine's just generic and cookie cutter. I think maybe I'll make mine a little more my own :)

  2. Thank you, well you know a Sharpie is a quick and easy solution for boring everyday tings!

  3. The black-on-yellow for your notebook is very catching. I like!


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