Thursday, January 14, 2010

Easy Kanzashi Flower How-To!

I am a hoarder, I save every scrap of fabric thats left over from other projects. Ive been wanting to make Kanzashi flowers for a while, so I started with my scrap pile. They are so easy to make! This might not be the real "traditional" method of making these flowers, but rather an easy way I came up with after many experiments ( I like feeling like a crafty scientist!).

Ok so here goes...
kanza flower
Kanzashi Flower How-To!

Step 1: Gather supplies:
*Glue, I used Quick Dry and my hot glue gun
*Fabric squares, from 6 to 8 per flower (the ones I used on this flower are 2" x2" but any size works as long as they are all the same size)
*Clothes Pin
*Felt or stiff fabric for the back
step1 kanzashi
Step 2:
With thre right side down, place a glue dot on the tip of one of the ends. Stick together oposite ends so that you are left with a triangle. Now that you have the right side of the fabric on top, place a dot of glue on the corner that had glue before.
step3 kanzashi
Step 3:
Now fold the left corner until the tip is glued to the bottom tip. Place a dot of glue over this union.
step4 kanzashi
Step 4:
Fold the Right corner so the tip get glued to the bottom tip.
step5 kanzashi
Step 5:
Secure with a clothes pin until the glue dries.
step6 kanzashi
Step 6:
Turn it around and place a tip of glue on the right and left corners.
step7 kanzashi
Step 7:
Fold the tips to the center and press.
step8 kanzashi
Step 8:
Now fold the fabric by the middle as shown.
step9 kanzashi step10 kanzashi
Step 9:
Secure it with the Clothes Pin until it dries.
step11 kanzashi
Step 10:
Cut the tip off the petal, make sure its straight!
step12 kanzashi
Step 11:
Dab some glue on the freshly cut side and press it together with the clothes pin.
step13 kanzashistep14 kanzashi
Step 12:
Repeat steps 1- 11 untill you have enough petals to make a flower. When you do, cut out a circle of the backing material of your choice. I used green craft felt.
step15 kanzashi
Step 13:
Shape the petals with your fingers until they look good. Please make sure the glue is dry by then or they will unfold. Turn each petal around and place a dot of glue on the bottom. In this step I used hot glue to save time.
step16 kanzashi
Step 14:
Add a button on the center or any embelishments you like. These flowers can be worn on anything. I glue this one to a head band. I made soem felt leaves to add more color:D
step17 kanzashi
Now time to rock my new hair piece!
kanzashi headband

Comments and Criticism appreciated!


  1. SOOOO dang cute!!! I love that! Looks time-consuming!

  2. Muchacha, que es de tu vida? Tanto tiempo! Felicidades en el nuevo año! El tuto te quedo brutal!! No sabia como se hacian, pero gracias a ti, ahora si ;-)

  3. Hey gracias por pasar por aqui! He estado muy ocupada con la universidad, pero he aprovechado las vacaciones :D

  4. k linda sta esa diadema me encanta la floor

  5. love this tutorial too, although I think I love your heart shaped glasses most of all! you've got great style!

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