Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Antique Book of Love, a Craftster Challenge

hen I first saw this challenge I was stuck, Valentines Day has never really meant much for me. In high school it was all about the chocolates. When I met my husband he was deployed on our first Valentine's Day, and our second, and our third. So you can see why Im so stuck this year. We are not a flowers and chocolates kind of couple. We are practical but enjoy whimsy in our lives. Like our toaster oven, wanting to make the kitchen a bit more "me", hubby painted it red. Practical and whimsical. I didn't survive the move, but it was nice having it! Sooo.. the point is I want to give this challenge entry to my hubby, but it must be like us. So instead of making a big Love Book, I made a mini Love Book. Thou small it contains the essential elements of our relationshio, and of course , a secret!
Now on with the picture obesity!
All wraped and ready for hubby!
el amor secreto 1
The spine "El Amor" = "Love"libri side
The elements of our relationship: time, pearls, seizing the moment, love letters during separations (post stamp) and glitter :D
open book
But whats that on the side?

lirbo full
libro ooo

Could it be? It looks like a drawer! Lets open it!
mi amor tu amor
secret amor
amor secreto 7
Unwrap the secret and you will find our song!
amor secreto 2
amor secreto 5
amor secreto 3
el amor secreto interior

There are a lot of great entries, check them put over at Craftster's


  1. Im still amazed with the lil drawer is so cute

  2. OMG!!! Maria - that is SO FLIPPIN' AMAZING!!!!!! WOW!!! I wish I were your hubby! I am just in awe. That's so fantastic.

    Hey - did you see on my blog the One World One Heart giveaway? Go check it out! Bloggers from around the world are doing giveaways and it's generating a whole lot of traffic! I really think you would enjoy participating!

  3. BTW - no you don't have to participate in the OWOH in order to qualify for the giveaway! I couldn't reply to your question where you asked it, because then I'd be included in the draw! lol

  4. This is so great! What an awesome idea. I love surprises inside of surprises.

    Yoshi (libertunity from Swapbot)

  5. wauw wauw wauw, this is so amazing.
    You can see all the love that you put in it when you made it!



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