Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Antique Book of Love, a Craftster Challenge

hen I first saw this challenge I was stuck, Valentines Day has never really meant much for me. In high school it was all about the chocolates. When I met my husband he was deployed on our first Valentine's Day, and our second, and our third. So you can see why Im so stuck this year. We are not a flowers and chocolates kind of couple. We are practical but enjoy whimsy in our lives. Like our toaster oven, wanting to make the kitchen a bit more "me", hubby painted it red. Practical and whimsical. I didn't survive the move, but it was nice having it! Sooo.. the point is I want to give this challenge entry to my hubby, but it must be like us. So instead of making a big Love Book, I made a mini Love Book. Thou small it contains the essential elements of our relationshio, and of course , a secret!
Now on with the picture obesity!
All wraped and ready for hubby!
el amor secreto 1
The spine "El Amor" = "Love"libri side
The elements of our relationship: time, pearls, seizing the moment, love letters during separations (post stamp) and glitter :D
open book
But whats that on the side?

lirbo full
libro ooo

Could it be? It looks like a drawer! Lets open it!
mi amor tu amor
secret amor
amor secreto 7
Unwrap the secret and you will find our song!
amor secreto 2
amor secreto 5
amor secreto 3
el amor secreto interior

There are a lot of great entries, check them put over at Craftster's

Friday, January 22, 2010


Well as promised, today, Friday 22nd of January I will give away two kanzashi flower headbands to two lucky winners. The participants and their numbers are these:
(4)little gems by Kari
(8)Zoey Starr
And the winners are...

Winner #1: Deedra!

Aaaaannnnnddd.... Winner #2: little gems by Kari!
Yay! I will be emailing you guys now to get your mailing adress and send the prizes!
I loved making this giveaway, I will do another one soon :D
Maria Isabel

Thursday, January 21, 2010

A very busy been, indeed!

My plan was to have another tutorial up today, but the life got in the way. I felt so sick last night and most of today that I had to hit the bed. My baby behaved like and angel and let her mommy nap through most of the day. I feel better now, but with catching up with my to-do list I still haven't found the time to clean the craft room and prepare the tutorial.Maybe later, no promises since I start my classes again tomorrow and I still have not gotten things ready.
Yesterday I went to the Post Office to send out a long overdue package for my friend Maria (a.k.a Murbeck). She has been so amazing with me and patient! she was my Invite Your Partner Swap partner and sent me an amazing package. We had a magic/mythical creatures theme, but nothing too serious. I really hope she likes it!
That's the whole loot. And this is a magical moon wand,it controls the tides.
Moon wand
This is a tiny altered book, themed:"Magical creatures, Big ans Small" I painted 4 creatures in it.
magical creatures big and small
There was also a painted messenger bag and Mr.Pumperkinkle.
I really hope she likes it!

Also today is the last day to enter the giveaway! You can enter as many times as you like :D: GIVEAWAY

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Mr. Pumperkinkle

Mr. Pumperkinkle is a very odd man; even by garden gnome standards. It was on a rainy day that he first contacted me. There he was, soaking wet on my yard. He plainly stated that I must make a portrait of him. No reasons, no explanations, only his request. At first I was hesitant, how could I capture 276 years of life with my basic skills? The chances that he would not be pleased and curse my garden were very great. So I reasoned with him, tried my best to convince him that he should pick a more skilled person to receive such an honor. But he would not budge. After a few days of constant stalking me yard, I gave in. Maybe it was the challenge what got to me. Or the flattery that he should choose me for his first public appearance.
Soon we started with our sessions. It was hard, for Mr.Pumperkinkle was very strict with the conditions of our meetings. It had to be after dark, no one else could be present, and the painting had to be kept hidden until it was finished. Edith Piaf must be plying softly on the background. I could not paint him on canvas, but rather over pages of one of his favorite books “The Count of Monte Cristo” printed in German. No incense was allowed. I could only drink tea during our sessions.
So, night after night, while the baby slept I met with Mr. Pumperkinkle. And finally it is done. He took one good look at it and simply stated that it was good. He then disappeared, and has not been spotted since. But my flowers bloom more beautifully than ever before.
Mr Pumperkinkle

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Monday's Inspiration & Giveaway announcement!

Hello there and happy Monday!
I know, I know, Mondays are hardly anyone's favorite day. But there is no better cure for the Monday Blue's than a little eye candy. Yesterday I saw a beautiful movie called (500) Days of Summer It was so good! I laughed and I was awed by Summer's wardrobe and the interior decoration of Tom's and Summer's apartments. If you get a chance you should see this movie. Now on to the pictures!
I simply love this outfit, the simple blue blouse and the jean long skirt, perfect for work!

So many pretty images!
1-18-2010 12-45-18 AM
1-18-2010 12-45-48 AM
1-18-2010 12-44-29 AM
1-18-2010 1-11-48 AM
1-18-2010 1-08-42 AM
1-18-2010 1-06-30 AM
1-18-2010 12-49-20 AM
1-18-2010 12-34-21 AM
1-18-2010 12-31-35 AM
This is the wall behind Tom's bed, its a chalkboard!
1-18-2010 1-08-04 AM
Summer's place, look at that wallpaper!
1-18-2010 12-54-17 AM
Did you notice those framed voodoo dolls? How cool are those!
1-18-2010 12-55-46 AM
Look at that origami paper crane tree! Im soo making myself one of those!
1-18-2010 12-57-15 AM
1-18-2010 12-58-50 AM
Those framed antique keys are so adorable!
1-18-2010 12-58-08 AM
Well that is enough obsessing over a movie. I hope this little post brightened up more your Monday! If that didnt work maybe this will:
kanzashi giveaway!
I will be giving away two of these headbands to two (2) lucky winers! Completely free! Quick and easy! All you have to do is post your answer to the question below, remember to put your email address so I can contact you if you are a winner! Winners will be selected with the random number generator, you will be assigned your post number. You may post as many times as you like, as you may have more than one answer,but no bumps please!
This giveaway will be open From Monday 17th of January until Thursday the 21st. On Friday 22nd the winners will be announced and the prizes sent out via USPS as soon as I receive the winner's addresses.
Ok here is the question:
What movie has inspired you and why?

Friday, January 15, 2010

First batch!

kanzashi batch
Originally uploaded by herkaleidoscopeeye

Last night I was very motivated to finish a few headbands with my kanzashi flowers. Im so happy with the results! Now I'm thinking what should I do with them? Any ideas?
I will be back soon with another how-to!
Maria Isabel

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Easy Kanzashi Flower How-To!

I am a hoarder, I save every scrap of fabric thats left over from other projects. Ive been wanting to make Kanzashi flowers for a while, so I started with my scrap pile. They are so easy to make! This might not be the real "traditional" method of making these flowers, but rather an easy way I came up with after many experiments ( I like feeling like a crafty scientist!).

Ok so here goes...
kanza flower
Kanzashi Flower How-To!

Step 1: Gather supplies:
*Glue, I used Quick Dry and my hot glue gun
*Fabric squares, from 6 to 8 per flower (the ones I used on this flower are 2" x2" but any size works as long as they are all the same size)
*Clothes Pin
*Felt or stiff fabric for the back
step1 kanzashi
Step 2:
With thre right side down, place a glue dot on the tip of one of the ends. Stick together oposite ends so that you are left with a triangle. Now that you have the right side of the fabric on top, place a dot of glue on the corner that had glue before.
step3 kanzashi
Step 3:
Now fold the left corner until the tip is glued to the bottom tip. Place a dot of glue over this union.
step4 kanzashi
Step 4:
Fold the Right corner so the tip get glued to the bottom tip.
step5 kanzashi
Step 5:
Secure with a clothes pin until the glue dries.
step6 kanzashi
Step 6:
Turn it around and place a tip of glue on the right and left corners.
step7 kanzashi
Step 7:
Fold the tips to the center and press.
step8 kanzashi
Step 8:
Now fold the fabric by the middle as shown.
step9 kanzashi step10 kanzashi
Step 9:
Secure it with the Clothes Pin until it dries.
step11 kanzashi
Step 10:
Cut the tip off the petal, make sure its straight!
step12 kanzashi
Step 11:
Dab some glue on the freshly cut side and press it together with the clothes pin.
step13 kanzashistep14 kanzashi
Step 12:
Repeat steps 1- 11 untill you have enough petals to make a flower. When you do, cut out a circle of the backing material of your choice. I used green craft felt.
step15 kanzashi
Step 13:
Shape the petals with your fingers until they look good. Please make sure the glue is dry by then or they will unfold. Turn each petal around and place a dot of glue on the bottom. In this step I used hot glue to save time.
step16 kanzashi
Step 14:
Add a button on the center or any embelishments you like. These flowers can be worn on anything. I glue this one to a head band. I made soem felt leaves to add more color:D
step17 kanzashi
Now time to rock my new hair piece!
kanzashi headband

Comments and Criticism appreciated!