Friday, April 8, 2011

seeing & knowing

So, what is art?

To be able to “have” art, I think it’s essential that I know first what it is, don’t you agree?

You see, the problem I have with the word “art” is that is used so freely, so thoughtlessly.

“I love your art!”

“You have such great talent for art!”

“I’m amazed at your art!”

And don’t misinterpret me when I say that, because I’m one of tho
se people that use the word “art” to describe something beautiful or done with great skill.

Deedra Levy's "Nerissa"

What about the ugly things that are also created with skill? Are they “art” too?

Michael Hussar's "Lamb of God"

To approach the question “What is art?” I must work with two principles that have proved efficient when it comes to studying anything:

1) Understanding the value of ignorance.

2) Understanding the value of intellectual humility.

The value of ignorance: If what we see is affected by what we know, then in theory, it would be more sensible to see things first as they are without any background knowledge, and then with a little background knowledge. When we deal with art that we are familiar with the artist, then it changes. Tricky , huh? Ok lets try an experiment. Look at this painting, absorb it.

This is by Van Gough.

It was his last painting before he committed suicide.

Vincent Van Gogh "Wheat field with crows"

Notice how that last statement changed the way you looked at it? Did it change what you were looking for in that painting?

What we know changes what we see.

This makes me think that maybe art in itself is always personal, always subjective to the expectation. Art does not change our life, our life, our experiences changes what we see in art!

All this time I’ve been looking for that inspiration that will make art, when my own negativity, depression and desperation were changing what I saw as art!

What do you think?Maybe I'm on to something here?

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

crickets and art


Things have been awfully quiet around here.

*cricket* cricket*

Nothing. Not a single post. And, why is that? You must be wandering. You must know.

The last few months of my life, well… almost a year and things have been changing. Not the kind of change that you notice right away, but something exasperatedly slow. Like the agonizing waiting in an Emergency Room, when you hold your breath every time you hear the nurse’s shoes, when you try to make out the hushed voices behind closed doors. And you wait. But nothing happens.

This agonizing wait, also known as “separation”, has taken more than a toll on this blog. Countless times I sat, opened a fresh post page, and waited. And waited. But the words never came. It was as if the flow of words that streamed form my fingertips had dried up. It was hard facing it, but it’s the honest to God truth, I’m dried up.

I still kept an eye out for things worth sharing. I looked, and I looked, and I looked again. Nothing. Nada. I gave up on the idea itself, on the blog, on you my dear reader. I sulked whenever I saw a lovely post made by some witty and inspired blogger. I resented my muse for abandoning me. I began to hate the concept of art itself. But how could I hate something that had brought me so much joy in the past? Hadn’t I declared that life itself was an art?

This last question worried me; maybe I don’t know what art is. I could look that up, dig deep into what art means. Maybe there’s more to it than colors and shapes. Maybe.

But what is art?

Monday, February 28, 2011

Art Journal * Diario Artistico

I wanted to show off my Art Journal that I worked on during 2010, but my scanner barely gave me any decent images to show. Nonetheless, since I worked so much on it, I decided to show you.
I already started on my new Art Journal for 2011, but its coming along slowly.

Queria mostrarte mi diario artistico en el que trabaje a traves del 2010, pero mi escanner apenas me da una imagen decente que compartir. Sin embargo, como trabaje tanto en el diario decidi mostrartelo. Ya comenze con el nuevo diario del 2011, pero estoy un poco descuidada con el y viene desarrollandose lentamente.
The cover 1st page 2nd page 3rd page 4th pageA 5th and 6th page 8th page 9th page 10th page SCN_0020 SCN_0014 SCN_0016 SCN_0019 SCN_0015 SCN_0017 SCN_0011 SCN_0012 SCN_0013 SCN_0018 SCN_0021
Maria Isabel

Sunday, February 27, 2011

8 Things I love * 8 Cosas que me gustan

The other day I received a cutter little card in the mail. It had a list of 8 things that Miss Lou loves and wanted to share with me. It also had 3 little goodies for me to keep. I thought to myself:" What a grand idea, to share some love in the world through a little snail mail!"
I want to thank Miss Lou for her little mail joy and invite you to send me your address so I can send you a note card with a little list of 8 things I love, and a little something extra :)
This is my way of saying THANK YOU! to all those that pass around here and leave a little love, it means the world to me to know that there are people who take time to read what I so lovingly post here.
So please send me your address to my email:
Miss Lou's 8 things I Love

El otro dia recibi una adorable cartita en el correo. Contenia una lista de 8 cosas que Miss Lou le gustan y queria compartirlas conmigo. Tambien contenia 3 cositas lindas para mi! Pense :" Pero que gran idea, compartir las cosas que me gustan con el mundo atravez del antiguo correo!" Quiero agradecerle a Miss Lou por su carinito postal e invitarte a enviarme tu direccion postal para yo enviarte a ti mi propia listita de 8 cosas que me gustan, alguito adiccional :)
Esta seria mi forma de decirte GRACIAS! a todos aquellos que me regalan un poquito de su tiempo para pasar por aqui y dejarme un poquito de amor. Significan el mundo para mi, ya que escribo este blog con mucho amor.
Asi que por favor, no dudes en enviarme tu direccion a mi correo electronico:

Peace * Paz
Maria Isabel

Friday, February 25, 2011

Etsy: Felicity Lingle

Howdy' !
The other day I purchased a great sticker set from Felicity Lingle's Etsy shop. Here they are:
Ive already used most of them to decorate my laptop :) Hop by her shop and see her lovely work! Felicity's Shop

I also wanted to say that I still have 2 more envelopes available for the 8 Things I love giveaway. Email me your address if you want to get some love in the mail :)

On a persona note, im feeling very un-inspired lately. How do you beat the craftster blues?
Have a good weekend!
Maria Isabel

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Guest Post

Today I made a guest post over at Miss Lou's Blog eLousions!
Take a peek ! She has a great blog about crafts and life :) And does it hurt that she's a sweetheart?

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Etsy: Weigh Anchor

I want to show off this lovely tiny painting I purchased on Etsy from the wonderful Kat! She is a very talented artist, so original and amazingly cute.
There is a story behind every piece!
I'm so pleased with my purchase, its perfection!

The painting measures approximately 1.5 x 4 inches, and is painted with acrylic paints. This picture does not do it justice!
Weigh Anchor Blog:

Weigh Anchor Etsy Shop:

How about you? Bought anything recently that you want to brag about?
Maria Isabel